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Cardinals’ draft picks John Brown and Ed Stinson once childhood neighbors

This weekend, they were separated by a round in the NFL Draft.

But growing up, Arizona Cardinals third-round pick John Brown and fifth-round pick Ed Stinson were just a few houses from one another.

Local media learned of the connection between the two picks on Saturday, when Stinson joined a conference call after he was selected.

“I was surprised that my friend went to the same team,” the former Crimson Tide defensive lineman said in his opening reaction to his draft.

At first, no one seemed to know who he was speaking of. After revealing it was Brown, he continued to connect the dots.

“We went to the same high school, then he transferred and we became rivals,” Stinson said of Brown, who played his college ball at Pittsburg State in Kansas.

He also revealed a little-known secret about the speedy receiver.

“When he was younger, he wasn’t fast at all,” Stinson said, laughing. “When he was younger, he was the slowest kid on the block.”

But it was Brown who beat Stinson off the board, as a surprising third-rounder Friday. The 290-pound defensive end said he’s proud of his childhood friend for making it.

“He busted his behind to get where he’s at.”