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Patrick Peterson is fighting a losing battle in the war of words with Richard Sherman

Patrick, don’t do it again. Leave it alone.

The only things Richard Sherman does better than you are get an education (Stanford versus LSU) and talk trash on social media. Of course, there are some ignorant fools that think he’s better than you. Why argue with them or him? There’s little chance of success.

If you didn’t hear, Patrick Peterson appeared on Bickley and Marotta Thursday and explained why he’s a better cornerback due to all of his responsibilities in the Cardinals’ defense. His point is simple. Because the Seahawks are loaded talent-wise, they run a very simple scheme. Coaches scheme to hide talent deficiencies. The Seahawks don’t need to hide anything.

The Seahawks run mostly cover 3. If you enjoy learning football and don’t quite know what that means, here’s the basic idea. If you’ve ever played roulette, imagine sitting at the end of the table. There’s three long columns of numbers you can bet on. In a cover 3, there’s one defensive back responsible for each roulette column. If a receiver runs into Richard Sherman’s column of numbers laid out lengthwise over a football field, that’s his responsibility. You can see, he’s great at it. You can also see, it’s easier to bet on one column of number than bet on — or guard — one number on the roulette wheel. Patrick Peterson covers one number wherever it goes.

If that paragraph increased your football knowledge, it’s easy to see why Patrick Peterson was right in what he said. If that paragraph was a boring review for you, you already know that Peterson is better than Sherman. The only people that think Sherman is better than Peterson are Sherman, Sherman’s mother, and football fans that think only stats tell the story. So Patrick, how is it that you think you’re going to convince any of those three groups that you are better than he is?

This was the wrong move for Patrick to engage Sherman. He sounds like he’s trying to live up to Sherman’s standard. You can’t convince the ignorant they’re wrong. If they were right, they wouldn’t be ignorant. This is the first time Patrick Peterson has faced the dreaded contract extension. He’s trying to convince anyone who will listen that the Cardinals should break the bank for him. Bad move. Patrick can beat Sherman on the field but he will lose every time on social media, so why try?

The only winner in this silly game is us! Patrick will be forced to raise his play to a level higher than where he was before. Patrick is so gifted, smart, athletic and talented that things can come easy to him. For the first time in his life, he’s uncomfortable. Off the field, he’s not handling it well. On the field, I think he will. He’s made himself uncomfortable, which is great for all of us because now he will have to raise his game.

Patrick Peterson should have said, “Richard is better than me at trash talking so I shouldn’t ever talk about him. I’ll talk on the field.” Since he didn’t say it, he’ll have to show all of us.

Get ready to right a big check, Mr. Bidwill. Patrick Peterson is going to have a 2014 that will not only impress fans, media and you, but also do the impossible. He will shut Richard Sherman’s mouth.