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Yeah, great. Arizona AD Byrne plays Wildcat version of Office Space’s Lumbergh

Arizona athletic director Greg Byrne isn’t afraid to put away his big-boss act in the name of promoting his Wildcats.

Byrne took front and center in UA’s latest promotional video by playing a Wildcat version of Bill Lumbergh from the classic comedy Office Space. Sipping coffee out of a “World’s Greatest AD” mug, Byrne rocks the glasses and suspenders while bothering some poor sap named Peter about attending the next Arizona football game.

“When you go to your tailgate on Saturday, I need you to actually go into the stadium afterwards, like everybody else. I’ll meet you at our house on Saturday. That would be great. OK?

“Oh, I forgot one thing. I’m going to need you stay for the entire game. Kay? That way, you won’t have to fib back at work when you miss one of the exciting plays. That’d be great. Thanks.”

Arizona is a heavy favorite with a 7:45 p.m. kickoff Saturday against Grambling State.

Yeah, Wildcat fans would probably like to see a blowout. The athletic department would like it if they stayed for the entire evening. That’d be great.

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