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ASU goes with black and white uniform combination against Texas Tech

Arizona State went with maroon and gold getups for its 2016 opener, but the second game Saturday against Texas Tech is anything but traditional.

The Sun Devils will be wearing black jerseys, white pants and white helmets as they host the Texas Tech Red Raiders. There’s a good chance Texas Tech will roll into Tempe wearing some variation of white-heavy jerseys with black and red accents, and there will be no confusing red for maroon this weekend.

Aside from small detail on the black and gold cleats and maroon outline on the gloves’ pitchforks, the only maroon that will be featured on ASU’s pants, jerseys and helmets is the outline of the gold jersey numbers.

The lack of maroon has brought out a striking helmet debut.

It’s white with an enlarged pitchfork on one side and player number on the other. The pitchforks on the helmets are black with gold outlining, the same as the pitchfork logos on the side of the pants.

Sorry, maroon. You’ll have to wait another week to shine.

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