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The Pulse: Ernie Sims will be a role player

On Tuesday, the Arizona Cardinals signed linebacker Ernie Sims to a one-year deal in an attempt to make up part of the void that the suspended Daryl Washington left.

After eight seasons in the NFL, Sims joins the Cardinals with a great deal of experience with the Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts, Philadelphia Eagles and Detroit Lions.

We at asked what you though Sims’ role with the Cardinals would be.

Of the 402 who voted, a staggering 60 percent thought he’d simply be a ‘role player’ with the Cardinals.

The other options given were “an unmentionable special teams player,” “a specialist in defensive packages,” “a starting inside linebacker” and “a perfect replacement for Daryl Washington.”

While the ‘role player’ option garnered 243 votes, the other four options combined for just 159.

Sims played in 22 of the Cowboys’ 32 games over the previous two seasons, recording 58 total tackles, a sack and a forced fumble.