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All-Access with Bruce Arians: Fighting not tolerated in Cardinals camp

GLENDALE, Ariz. — Head coach Bruce Arians, now in his second year with the Arizona Cardinals, meets the media each day during training camp.

Here, in this space, we’ll highlight many of the key topics and personnel conversations he has with reporters following the morning walk-through:

“The only injury report is Dan Williams has got a little bit of a swollen knee. It’s nothing serious; just get an MRI on it, check it out to make sure. It’s happened in the past. It’s an old injury. He’ll be fine.”

Looking forward to the first practice in full pads

“We’ll have pads on from here to the end. It should look like and sound like football. When that noise level goes up, people change. There’s a lot of guys that look really good in shorts and all of a sudden the noise level goes up and they disappear. And guys that don’t look very good in shorts, all of a sudden they appear because they’re football players. That’s what you want to see. You want to see those guys rise up.”

Figuring out a rotation between all of his tight ends

“It’ll be more tailored to what they do best because we can put two receivers out there, we could put two blockers out there, one of each or three of them. It’s a fun problem to have. It’ll be streamlined. Right now it’s just everybody play your position and there’s nothing special about it.”

Figuring out reps between the two quarterbacks batting to be No. 3

“Just put it on paper and go that way. Ryan (Lindley) is going to get the short end of the stick for a little bit because Logan (Thomas) is new.”

Reiterates his position that he will not tolerate fighting

“Because the first thing you do is break your hand. Might as well punch the wall. If you want to break your hand, break your hand. Now if you want to fight, I’ll put boxing gloves on and you can fight your ass off. That’s what Coach (Bear) Bryant used to do. If a guy got in a fight, he had 18-pound gloves — they were not allowed to stop swinging.”

So, how did it end

“They both passed out. It only happened once.”

Do you fine players if they do fight

“No, I’ll cut ‘em. There’s always the threat of that. They don’t play each other. We don’t play the Cardinals.”

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