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The crowd chanted ‘We want Kaep’ but Phil Simms wanted Blaine Gabbert

CBS broadcaster Phil Simms used to have a son in the NFL. He’s not in the league anymore, and it looks like Simms has found a replacement.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Blaine Gabbert didn’t look anything special against the Arizona Cardinals Thursday night. In fact, he didn’t look like he deserved to be the 49ers’ starting quarterback at all most of the game.

San Francisco fans took notice, and midway through the game they started chanting “We want Kaep,” in reference to 49ers backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

But Simms seemed to play the role of Gabbert’s biggest fan, and he defended him all night, regardless of his 18-of-31 for 162 yards and two interception performance. Many people couldn’t believe what they were hearing, including some of Simms’ colleagues.

Also leading the charge was recently-retired 49ers tackle Anthony Davis, who posted the following Twitter poll.

Gabbert was also sacked seven times. If he would have been sacked an eighth time, Simms might have hopped down from the booth to help him up and give Gabbert a pat on the back himself.

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