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The Floyd Factor

Michael Floyd is getting ready to explode. I love it when young guys get it.

I had a great moment in the dining room Tuesday — and it had nothing to do with the awesome food they serve at Cards Camp — and everything to do with something Michael Floyd told me.

But let me start by offering you some background. On our Cards Daily hit for we were going to talk about the impact of Antonio Cromartie and whether or not Michael Floyd was going to have a breakout year in 2014.

For the record, I believe last year was Michael Floyd’s breakout year (65, 1,041 5). And it wasn’t just his numbers. Floyd earned the respect of opponents. Defensive coordinators noticed he was growing and gaining confidence. The response was predictable. By the end of the year Floyd was garnering a lot of attention.

Now back to my brief conversation with Floyd. As I was making a beeline to the chow line, I saw Michael Floyd walking toward me. I thought it would be prudent to ask Michael himself if he thought he had a breakout year in 2013. So, I stopped him and said, “Michael, would you say last year was your breakout year?”

Without hesitation, he looked at me and said, “No.”

I smiled and walked away. That’s all I needed to hear. What a great answer. This guy has worked harder this offseason than at any point in his football career…and that’s why I smiled. His answer of “no” was the truth. I know it was truth because of how hard Michael has worked this offseason. You don’t work like he’s worked unless you’re hungry. Michael Floyd is hungry.

And this is great news for Big Red fans.

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