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LeBron James’ Halloween party was spooky, if you’re the Golden State Warriors

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are known to take their Halloween parties pretty seriously.

They dressed us as everything from Jerome from “Martin,” Urkel, the Joker, Dumb and Dumber and the Red Power Ranger, among other costumes.

But the decor and the desserts for the reigning champs stood out more than anything.

The Cavs made it an especially spooky party for the Golden State Warriors, who they beat in the 2016 NBA Finals.

One skeleton sat at a drum set with a “3-1 lead” written across the face of the bass drum, a reminder of the Warriors’ blown 3-1 lead in the finals series.

James tweeted a picture of the “phenomenal” dessert table, which simply looks Halloween-y. But a closer look reviews a few especially trolly cookies.

Sick burn, LeBron.

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