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Coach Earl Watson holds Suns in California for mandatory yoga session

Phoenix Suns coach Earl Watson is holding the team in Southern California for a beach yoga session on Monday.

After Sunday’s 119-108 loss to the Lakers, the Los Angeles times reported that Watson was focused on the team’s mindfulness, something that he holds as an x-factor for winning games.

“It’s a spiritual connection,” Watson said. “You just gotta be a yogi to understand. A lot of times we come to the huddle we tell guys just find your breath. Relax.”

The Suns’ last win came on the road in New Orleans after defeating the Pelicans in a stunning 112-111 overtime victory.

To Watson, the win came down to the’s team yoga-influenced mentality.

“That backdoor play that we beat New Orleans with, that’s straight mindfulness,” Watson said. “I don’t take credit for that win, the guys they created that moment, they created that play. Mindfulness is also understanding that you’ve seen us in many games, we’re down and out we have a chance to win the game.”

Watson and the Suns spent the offseason bonding over yoga sessions and spin classes.

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