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Arizona Sports Week 10 NFL Power Rankings: Little movement at the top

Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott (21) dives for a touchdown against Cleveland Browns free safety Tracy Howard (41) in the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Nov. 6, 2016, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/David Richard)

Every team in the NFL has now played at least half its schedule, yet clarity in defining the league’s best and worst teams is fleeting.

At the top of our Week 10 Arizona Sports Power Rankings, there was little movement. The New England Patriots, who had the week off, still top the list. The NFC’s best, the Dallas Cowboys, soundly beat the Browns in Cleveland, but that’s hardly something to crow about.

The New York Giants and Detroit Lions each rose six spots from Week 9’s pecking order, while the Philadelphia Eagles fell six spots following their road loss to the Giants.

Here’s how our seven-person panel voted this week.

patriots751. New England Patriots (7-1)

High: 1 (unanimous)
Comment: “Did Tom Brady vote for Trump or didn’t he?” — Grialou
Next: vs. Seattle

cowboys752. Dallas Cowboys (7-1)

High: 2 (unanimous)
Comment: “I am starting to worry they won’t mess this up.” — Dimakos
Next: at Pittsburgh

raiders753. Oakland Raiders (7-2)

High: 3 (Grialou, Morgan, Green, Dimakos, Burns, Lapinski)
Low: 4 (Marotta)
Movement: ▲ 1
Comment: “Statement game on Sunday night against defending champs.” — Lapinski
Next: Bye

falcons754. Atlanta Falcons (6-3)

High: 4 (Morgan, Green, Dimakos, Lapinski)
Low: 6 (Marotta, Grialou)
Movement: ▲ 2
Comment: “Doesn’t seem like their typical swoon is coming.” — Burns
Next: at Philadelphia

seahawks755. Seattle Seahawks (5-2-1)

High: 4 (Grialou, Burns)
Low: 6 (Morgan, Dimakos, Lapinski)
Comment: “It’s amazing how many bullets they’ve dodged this year.” — Marotta
Next: at New England

chiefs756. Kansas City Chiefs (6-2)

High: 3 (Marotta)
Low: 7 (Morgan)
Movement: ▲ 1
Comment: “All they do is win, win, win, no matter what.” — Burns (with an assist to T-Pain)
Next: at Carolina

broncos757. Denver Broncos (6-3)

High: 5 (Morgan)
Low: 8 (Marotta, Green)
Movement: ▼ 4
Comment: “Looks like their lack of QB play is starting to catch up with them.” — Green
Next: at New Orleans

giants758. New York Giants (5-3)

High: 7 (Marotta, Green)
Low: 12 (Burns)
Movement: ▲ 6
Comment: “Is there a more unlikely wild card leader than the offensively inept Giants?” — Morgan
Next: vs. Cincinnati

steelers759. Pittsburgh Steelers (4-4)

High: 8 (Burns)
Low: 15 (Marotta)
Movement: ▼ 1
Comment: “Well, at least Chris Boswell knows how to Riverdance.” — Lapinski
Next: vs. Dallas

Vikings7510. Minnesota Vikings (5-3)

High: 8 (Grialou)
Low: 16 (Dimakos)
Movement: ▼ 1
Comment: “Any coordinators gonna quit this week?” — Marotta
Next: at Washington

packers7511. Green Bay Packers (4-4)

High: 10 (Grialou, Burns)
Low: 16 (Marotta)
Movement: ▼ 1
Comment: “Packers off to worst start since 2009.” — Grialou
Next: at Tennessee

lions7512. Detroit Lions (5-4)

High: 9 (Dimakos)
Low: 16 (Morgan)
Movement: ▲ 6
Comment: “In a very bizarre sports year, is this the next cursed organization to break through?” — Dimakos
Next: Bye

texans7513. Houston Texans (5-3)

High: 9 (Marotta)
Low: 21 (Burns)
Movement: ▼ 1
Comment: “In an NFL loaded with misleading winning records, the Texans take the cake.” — Morgan
Next: at Jacksonville

redskins7514. Washington Redskins (4-3-1)

High: 9 (Morgan)
Low: 19 (Green, Lapinski)
Movement: ▼ 1
Comment: “Nice going, Trent Williams.” — Grialou
Next: vs. Minnesota

Cardinals7515. Arizona Cardinals (3-4-1)

High: 11 (Lapinski)
Low: 19 (Grialou)
Movement: ▲ 1
Comment: “The Veldheer injury is going to be tough to overcome.” — Burns
Next: vs. San Francisco

saints7516. New Orleans Saints (4-4)

High: 12 (Dimakos)
Low: 22 (Burns)
Movement: ▲ 3
Comment: “We find ourselves pulling for one more Drew Brees run.” — Morgan
Next: vs. Denver

eagles7517. Philadelphia Eagles (4-4)

High: 13 (Grialou, Morgan)
Low: 22 (Green)
Movement: ▼ 6
Comment: “Doug Pederson’s own players think he’s too aggressive.” — Marotta
Next: vs. Atlanta

bills7518. Buffalo Bills (4-5)

High: 11 (Marotta)
Low: 23 (Lapinski)
Movement: ▼ 1
Comment: “An apology from the NFL does no good in the standings.” — Grialou
Next: Bye

bengals7519. Cincinnati Bengals (3-4-1)

High: 9 (Burns)
Low: 24 (Dimakos)
Movement: ▼ 4
Comment: “Too much talent to be as average as they’ve been.” — Burns
Next: at NY Giants

ravens7520. Baltimore Ravens (4-4)

High: 14 (Dimakos)
Low: 23 (Marotta)
Movement: ▲ 3
Comment: “First win in a month and a half — and now they lead the AFC North.” — Lapinski
Next: vs. Cleveland

panthers7521. Carolina Panthers (3-5)

High: 15 (Burns)
Low: 25 (Morgan, Dimakos)
Comment: “Watch them go on a run. Watch them!” — Green
Next: vs. Kansas City

dolphins7522. Miami Dolphins (4-4)

High: 16 (Green)
Low: 25 (Burns)
Movement: ▲ 5
Comment: “Ajayi has more rushing yards in the last three weeks (530) than most RBs have all year.” — Lapinski
Next: at San Diego

chargers7523. San Diego Chargers (4-5)

High: 19 (Burns)
Low: 25 (Green)
Movement: ▼ 1
Comment: “Good PR: Chargers win two days before asking for a billion-dollar stadium subsidy.” — Morgan
Next: vs. Miami

colts7524. Indianapolis Colts (4-5)

High: 18 (Green)
Low: 25 (Marotta, Lapinski)
Movement: ▲ 4
Comment: “Good road win at Green Bay. For this team, any win is good.” — Green
Next: Bye

titans7525. Tennessee Titans (4-5)

High: 22 (Dimakos)
Low: 26 (Green, Lapinski)
Movement: ▼ 5
Comment: “Marcus Mariota was a turnover machine in loss to San Diego.” — Morgan
Next: vs. Green Bay

buccaneers7526. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-5)

High: 24 (Green, Lapinski)
Low: 28 (Burns)
Movement: ▼ 5
Comment: “They’ve lost six straight at home and are 3-17 at Raymond James Stadium since 2014.” — Grialou
Next: vs. Chicago

rams7527. Los Angeles Rams (3-5)

High: 26 (Grialou, Morgan)
Low: 29 (Marotta)
Movement: ▼ 2
Comment: “The Hard Knocks quotes make me laugh.” — Dimakos
Next: at NY Jets

jets7528. New York Jets (3-6)

High: 26 (Burns)
Low: 28 (Grialou, Morgan, Dimakos, Lapinski)
Movement: ▼ 2
Comment: “Things aren’t looking bright for Todd Bowles’ future.” — Marotta
Next: vs. Los Angeles

bears7529. Chicago Bears (2-6)

High: 28 (Marotta)
Low: 30 (Green)
Comment: “Best week yet, because I didn’t have to watch you play football.” — Dimakos
Next: at Tampa Bay

jaguars7530. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-6)

High: 29 (Green)
Low: 30 (everyone else)
Comment: “Gus Bradley walking the teal green mile.” — Burns
Next: vs. Houston

49ers7531. San Francisco 49ers (1-7)

High: 31 (unanimous)
Comment: “Perhaps Chip Kelly should head back to college.” — Grialou
Next: at Arizona

browns7532. Cleveland Browns (0-9)

High: 32 (unanimous)
Comment: “Pitchers and catchers report in a few months.” — Burns
Next: at Baltimore

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