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Phoenix Suns fans take part in the Mannequin Challenge

The latest internet viral video is the mannequin challenge, where people stay frozen like a mannequin while a video is shot of them.

It’s a video that has reached the sports world where teams, both professional and college, have participated, including the Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys, the University of Kentucky men’s basketball team and the Brigham Young University gymnastics team.

On Wednesday, the Phoenix Suns became the latest team to participate when fans were asked to take part in the video and were encouraged to get creative with poses. Some where taking selfies while others were drinking water — all were frozen in time like a caveman when the ice age hit.

Besides sports, the viral video has jumped to the political landscape where Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton participated in a video with Jon Bon Jovi, Bill Clinton and various other staffers on her campaign plane.

Legend has it, or according to Wikipedia, the viral video was started by a group of high school students in Jacksonville, Florida, who posted the video using the hashtag #MannequinChallenge. Since then it has spread like a wildfire.

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