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Carson Palmer gets patriotic after losing Cardinals’ bucket challenge

The good news was that Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer warmed up.

The 36-year-old needed to get the ol’ muscles going because, at one point Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers, he scrambled for a 16-yard gain up the middle, the longest run of his career.

How did we know Palmer warmed up?

His pregame routine included a jaunt around University of Phoenix Stadium wearing a red, white and blue bodysuit — a tight one at that. The look was fitting considering it’s Veterans Day weekend.

Palmer must have lost the weekly bucket competition. But wait … what’s with the hat?

Upon closer inspection and with the help of Sports Illustrated, it appears to be a Justin Bieber hat that says “Belieber.” Bieber, for what it’s worth, is Canadian.

This stands as another loss for Palmer in the bucket toss challenge. He has donned a bikini, a clown suit and a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man costume after losing the competition in the past.

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