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Receiver John Brown finds a new home with the Arizona Cardinals

TEMPE, Ariz. — Location, location, location.

A realtor will tell you those are the three most important factors in buying a home.

Well, rookie wide receiver John Brown has found a home, and it’s located in the middle of some prime real estate within the Arizona Cardinals’ locker room.

“He’s over here in the suburbs with us,” Carson Palmer said.

The suburbs is that area of the locker room — the far right side — reserved for the quarterbacks.

Typically, players are grouped by position, but there Brown resides with Palmer to his right and Drew Stanton to his left.

“I was kind of shocked because all of my receivers are over there (points to the other end of the locker room), so I’m expecting to be over there,” Brown said. “When I came in (Tuesday), I was lost. I couldn’t find my locker. I never checked over here.”