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Mean Vikings Linval Joseph, Brian Robison level poor FOX sound guy

Watch out!

The Minnesota Vikings in their spiffy new stadium were pumped to run out of the hull of their Viking ship of a tunnel before their showdown against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. Unfortunately, this not-so-aware FOX sound guy attempted to cross in their path.

That’s 329-pound Linval Joseph and 259-pound Brian Robison leveling the man in the green vest. Eyeing the poor fellow, he’s probably 5-foot-10 and 180 pounds or so.

Robison looks genuinely concerned he that he might-ve just ended that man’s life, but in the brevity of what a Vine clip can provide us, it appears that Joseph was just fine to keep on running.

Here’s to hoping FOX sound guy is alright.

It’s apparent his glasses aren’t.

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