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NFL asks Mexican artists to reimagine a Cardinals helmet

With the NFL taking Monday Night Football’s Raiders-Texans matchup to Mexico City, the league is tapping into the local culture.

The NFL asked Mexican artists to reimagine helmets for every team in the league, and the Arizona Cardinals’ look maintains the red birds’ aggressive look.


Might the artist who painted the Cardinals helmet be a Ball State alumnus?

The look is clean and it’s one of few of these that could actually make for a standard helmet. Many of the other helmet reimaginations are quite extravagant compared to your usual gameday helmets. Take, for example, the Tennessee Titans’ tops, which … just look.


Meanwhile, the Buffalo Bills’ helmet isn’t befitting of its mascot.

That appears to be a scaled fish with teeth rather than a Buffalo.


The Bengals’ and Broncos’ helmets stick to their mascots but in a dreamscape sort of scenery, though Denver’s helmets also includes a bear, an eagle or falcon — two other NFL mascots, by the way — and salmon.

The Eagles and the Buccaneers get our vote for best of show.

As for the helmets that are just too far out there, the Raiders’ silly pirate helmet is in the running for most hilarious, but the New York Giants’ “I love N.Y.” theme takes the cake.


Check out the rest of the helmets in this album here.

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