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ASU Curtain of Distraction: Mannequin Challenge and Harambe edition

Arizona State’s Curtain of Distraction and 942 Crew student section hit the interwebs Wednesday with a solid one-two punch of the viral Mannequin Challenge and a tip of the cap to the deceased gorilla — and now meme — Harambe.

The 942 Crew’s best skit, by this blog’s opinion, was a team of doctors resuscitating Harambe back to life. They even handed out Harambe shirts before the game that read “#ForksUpForHarambe.”

Before the Sun Devils faced The Citadel, the student section also got topical and froze with their own version of the Mannequin challenge.

And when it came down to it, it was good luck.

Arizona State piled up the points to beat The Citadel 127-110.

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