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Browns head coach Hue Jackson wildly searches for challenge flag

The Cleveland Browns haven’t had much go right all season.

They are still searching for their first win, with a record of 0-13 entering their matchup against the 6-7 Buffalo Bills, but a win wasn’t the only thing the Browns were searching for.

Head coach Hue Jackson was in a wild panic on the sidelines in the early second quarter. Jackson spent nearly 15 seconds scrambling through his layers of clothing to find where his challenge flag was before finally being able to throw it out in time.

In a move that encapsulates their season, however, it was on a play the Browns couldn’t even challenge.

On the play, quarterback Robert Griffin III attempted to throw the ball away before stepping out of bounds, but Griffin was ruled out and it was officially an eight-yard loss and a sack that could not be reviewed.

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