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Arizona coach says QB Matt Scott is fine

Most assumed the worst Saturday afternoon in Tucson.

Quarterback Matt Scott, shortly after taking a head-to-head hit from USC safety T.J. McDonald, was spotted vomiting on the field.

He threw a touchdown pass two plays later, but did not return to the game after that, with many figuring he sustained a concussion on the hit.

The Wildcats won the game 39-36 to knock off the No. 9 Trojans, but much of the talk after the game has been centered around the thought that if Scott did a concussion, how was he allowed to continue playing?

According to Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez, the question is moot because his quarterback did not endure a head injury.

“He was pretty nauseous, I guess talking to Matt, all day, and he’s been kind of known as a ‘puker’, you know,” Rodriguez told Arizona Sports 620’s Doug and Wolf Tuesday. “Any time he would run in the summer and he’d run a lot it would definitely kind of happen, and he ran a lot in this game.”

Scott completed 27 of 50 passes for 369 yards and three touchdowns on the afternoon, and ran the ball 15 times for 100 yards and a score.

But he didn’t suffer a concussion.