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Arizona logo on facemasks? Not yet, anyway

Logos on football helmets are no big deal.

In fact, most teams have at least one graphic on their helmet, with most having something on both sides.

And, in case a school decides that’s not enough, it appears there is another part of the helmet that could feature a logo: the facemask.

According to the manufacturer of the facemask, this is a display mock-up and not actually in production or something the school is definitely looking to move toward.

However, Arizona — or some other university — may like the idea and look to implement it.

Besides wondering whether or not this s actually a good look for the team, some may be questioning if the facemask structurally sound. One would have to think it is (or would be), otherwise what would be the point of the company producing them?

So, with all that said, looks like the only thing we can do is wait for the new-look facemasks to come to a team near you.