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Arizona Wildcats’ white helmets may have a slightly different (but familiar) look in 2014

As is the case with most college football teams these days, the Arizona Wildcats’ uniforms consistently undergo some change.

Every now and then it’s a big change, like last year’s complete redesign of the uniforms.

Often times, though, it’s a subtle change, the type of which may go unnoticed until it’s brought up.

That may be the case here, as the school’s video about the ‘Lift for Life’ program shows a current white Arizona uniform. Everything looks the same as last year, with the exception of the helmet, which has red and blue stripes going down the middle of it.

The stripes have been part of the team’s look in the past — most recently in 2012 — though the school went away from them last season.

This would not be the only small change for Arizona’s duds. In February, it was discovered the team’s blue uniform was going to have solid red numbers rather than a gradient pattern.