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Ohio paper cooks Warriors like Kyrie with impeccable ‘3-1 lead’ jab

The NBA’s Christmas hoops schedule got off to a strong start Sunday with a thriller of a 2016 championship rematch.

Golden State led Cleveland most of the way but blew a 14-point fourth-quarter lead and was doomed in a 109-108 loss at the hands of a difficult shot by Cavs point guard Kyrie Irving. The Morning Journal, a small paper outside of Cleveland, certainly won the next day — and undoubtedly got a chuckle out of Cavaliers fans — with clever headline writing.

“Warriors blow 3-1 lead (sorry, muscle memory) 14-point lead in fourth quarter,” the subheadline read under the story titled “Clutch Kyrie caps Cavs’ Christmas.”

Apparently, those in northeast Ohio aren’t done with the “3-1 lead” jokes after the Dubs blew a 3-1 series advantage in the NBA Finals last year. While the last viral reference to the joke came with spooky Halloween cookies at LeBron James’ party, this self-edited headline was a cold gesture toward those out in the Bay Area.

Do we think the folks at The Morning Journal feel regret after their headline went viral?

It seems not.

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