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The biggest Arizona sports stories from 2016

It wowed us and made us shake our heads. It inspired and broke our hearts.

Like any year, 2016 was filled with highs and lows. But perhaps more than most, the past 12 months tormented Arizona sports fans with unimaginable highs and lows lower than we thought possible.

At the heart of this theme in the local sports landscape were the Arizona Cardinals, who in this year capped an incredible 2015 season with one of the best games of the year throughout sport followed by a disappointing NFC Championship loss. The latter lent foreshadowing to a disappointing 2016.

Meanwhile, the Suns, Coyotes and Diamondbacks were actively reshaping their teams — often times with risky or surprising moves — and searching for answers.

So what was the biggest local sports story of 2016?

We asked the personalities at Arizona Sports 98.7 FM to tell us which stories, in their minds, were the biggest this year — and why.

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