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Arizona suffers tough loss to USC: A poem

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The Arizona Wildcats suffered their first loss of the season Saturday, 28-26 at the hands of the USC Trojans. But not all losses are created equal, and this one will likely go down as one of the most painful in recent Arizona history.

The outlook wasn’t brilliant for the Wildcats that day
For the team was down by 15, with a quarter left to play

The defense couldn’t stop the run, the offense couldn’t score
It seemed like that ‘Cats had no chance, but we’ve seen this before

Suddenly they came alive, when Baker scampered free
And then the defense stepped up by stopping USC

Arizona got the ball back, with a minute left to go
And Solomon was slinging it and putting on a show

There was no time to waste so they scored and went for two
But oh no they didn’t get it, what are the Cats to do?

A perfect onside kick now was their only chance
The ball popped up, they got it! Jubilation in the stands!

A few nice plays later and Arizona set the stage
Their dreams were still alive, this was a comeback for the ages!

Skowron warmed his leg up as they prepped to snap the ball
Here comes the kick, it’s good, Casey won it all!

But wait, there was a timeout. He’d have to try again
So he lined up, they snapped it, he kicked the ball and then…

Oh somewhere people celebrate and fans rush on the field
They cheer and tear down goal posts, and give high fives with zeal

But the mood was very different, when the ball was kicked that night
For there is no joy in Tucson, mighty Casey went wide right