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Maryland never offered Sean Miller the job?

It was generally thought that Arizona basketball coach Sean Miller turned down an offer to take the same job at Maryland.

Well, he didn’t, but now word comes out that the job was never even Miller’s to turn down.

MD AD Kevin Anderson: Did you offer job to Sean Miller.. “no I did not”. #Terps #TerpNationless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply


Maybe Anderson is telling the truth. Maybe he really never offered the job to Miller. However, rumors were circulating for two days, mostly about how Miller wanted the job and Anderson wanted Miller.

So, what happened?

Occam’s razor basically says “the simplest explanation is usually the right one”, and in this case the simplest explanation may be that Anderson is trying to save face.

He’s since brought Texas A&M coach Mark Turgeon to Maryland, and it is in Anderson’s best interests to make it seem like he was never turned down by Miller and that the guy he got is the guy he wanted all along.

Really, though, it doesn’t matter for anyone in Arizona. Wildcats fans are happy Miller is still around, no matter the circumstances.