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Ready to face the Packers, WR Odell Beckham Jr. is wearing cheese cleats

Odell Beckham Jr. and the New York Giants were warming up to Lambeau Field by cooling off before their Wild Card matchup against Green Bay.

Giants players went through their pregame rituals without shirts and other garments that might keep one warm when it’s 10 degrees and sunny outside. While that fashion sense remained questionable because of the elements, Beckham at least was wearing some pretty well thought-out cleats beforehand.

Those would be cheese cleats — one featuring Itchy, the character on the “Itchy and Scratchy Show” from The Simpsons, and the other featuring Mickey. You know, the Disney mouse.

Get it? Because Wisconsin. Green Bay. Cheeseheads.

Mice eat cheese. Odell is the mouse.

The cleverness of what the receiver is trying to do with his shoes might not be too deep, but the imagery of Beckham’s cleats were certainly well done.

And there’s more good news here: Beckham eventually put on a shirt. The hoodie was a hat tip to Giants legend Lawrence Taylor.

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