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Cardinals’ Jaron Brown featured on Clemson play-call cards against Alabama

Clemson alum Jaron Brown now plays for the Arizona Cardinals.

But during Monday night’s national title game between his Tigers and Alabama, his college squad gave him quite the hat-tip of an honor — and a functional one for Clemson as it upset the undefeated Crimson Tide.

Behold, a picture of Brown in a Cardinals jersey as part of Clemson’s offensive play-call cards.

Apparently, Brown has been featured on the card all season.

Here’s the same card — complete with the devil emoji, rapper Tupac Shakur and the College GameDay logo — next to another card of the fire emoji, the Superman logo, Darth Vader and Fred Flintstone.

And if you’re asking what the heck the play-cards mean or how they’re employed, you will get no help from us.

Clemson was very liberally throwing signals and signs in the air. Apparently, Alabama never could figure them out either in the Tigers’ 35-31 victory.

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