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Arizona Wildcats look scary in win over Gonzaga

Sean Miller had his guys ready to play. And when you have great talent tapped into the rage tree, that is prepared to execute your plan, you’ve got something that is capable of winning National Championships.

And the Wildcats looked scary against Gonzaga. They destroyed Gonzaga in the first half and not only played with intensity but with great execution on both ends of the floor. Arizona had 13 assists and 1 turnover in the half and Gonzaga, whom averaged 11 turnovers a game this season, turned the ball over 11 times in the first half alone (They finished with 21 turnovers).

The only question I had was whether or not Sean Miller would be able to get the attention of his kids in the second half. Gonzaga did a nice job of closing out the first half by going on a run that made the score 47-34. I knew Sean Miller could stand on his head and scream profound warnings about Gonzaga and how dangerous they are and his kids might have ignored him.

That was not the case.

How good are the Wildcats? They came out in the second half and conquered their own complacency. And they actually played better in the second half than they did the first!

It’s been an impressive display of talent and teamwork so far for the U of A. Gonzaga is a good team and they pawed them around like they were fish on a flat rock.