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Arizona’s Elite 8 loss leads to rioting in streets of Tucson, 15 arrested

Arizona’s 64-63 loss to Wisconsin Saturday night made some Wildcats fans sad.

It apparently also made some angry. Very angry.

Shortly after the game ended, reports of unrest on the school’s campus began to trickle in.

UPDATE (Sunday 8:00 a.m. MST):

According to, 15 arrests were made in total. Of the 15, all were misdemeanors and only one was actually booked in Pima County Jail.

Also, according to Tucson Police Lt. Chris Wildblood, no tear gas or rubber bullets were used to defuse the crowd.

KVOA’s Sam Salzwedel provided a Vine showing one of the fans getting arrested by Tucson PD.

A quick look at Arizona Daily Star Reporter Zack Rosenblatt’s timeline shows the scene’s deterioration, and the Arizona Daily Wildcat also did a good job detailing the mess.

Here’s video Rosenblatt shot at the scene (Warning: offensive language may be audible in the background):

Another video shot by someone at the scene shows a girl being knocked over by an officer while attempting to cross a street (she enters at the 21-second mark):