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Doug & Wolf - Kyle Dodd, ASU Basketball Color Analyst
Kyle Dodd is still in a state of disbelief following Arizona State Basketball's win against the Jayhawks... and he was there to witness it in person!
Doug & Wolf - 12-11-17 Paul's Call
Is "Paul's Call" jumping on the bandwagon too?!
Doug & Wolf - Trainwreck with Bertrand Berry
Was the defense's performance on Sunday enough to impress a former Cardinals defensive linemen?
Bickley & Marotta - December 11, 2017 - Hour 3
Did the Cardinals prove that defense really does win championships?
Bickley & Marotta - December 11, 2017 - Hour 4
Is it possible that ASU Basketball will be ranked as a top 10 program for the first time since 1981?
Doug & Wolf - Kerwynn Williams, Arizona Cardinals Running Back
In light of his recent injury... everyone wants to know how Kerwynn Williams is feeling.
Doug & Wolf - Steve Keim, Cardinals GM
What does Steve Keim think of the Cardinals performance following their victory on Sunday? Did Blaine Gabbert deliver on expectations? Was Josh Bynes interception enough to win him a starting position? Steve Keim answers all of our questions!
Bickley & Marotta - December 11, 2017 - Hour 1
What should Cardinals fans be most excited about following their win on Sunday?
Doug & Wolf - Wolf's Dramatic Read - Bobby Hurley
Wolf's Dramatic Read on ASU Basketball's Head Coach Bobby Hurley.
Doug & Wolf - 12-11-17 Paulie Pigskin Report
Paulie Pigskin has the latest from the Cardinals sidelines!
Doug & Wolf's Starting Five - Doug & Wolf Starting Five
Doug & Wolf give you the five things you need to know on your way to work!
Arizona Sports Saturday - December 9, 2017 - Hour: 2
Jordan Byrd breaks down why Herm Edwards could be successful in his first season with ASU football and discusses a scenario where ASU basketball could become the kings of the Valley sports scene.
Arizona Sports Saturday - December 9, 2017 - Hour: 1
Jordan Byrd discusses the new model for ASU football and what that exactly means. Plus, have injuries stolen the Cardinals season, or were they just not good enough anyways?
Arizona Sports - AZ Preps Live Hour 2
Kevin McCabe discusses the Ed Doherty Award, and interviewed Doherty Award candidate, Higley football player Draycen Hall, as well as Doherty Award voter Rob Yowell.
Arizona Sports - AZ Preps Live Hour 1
Kevin McCabe takes a look back at the State Championship games last Saturday, and interviewed Chandler WR Gunner Romney as well as Saguaro Coach Kyle Caldwell.
Burns & Gambo - Rick Tocchet, Coyotes' Head Coach
Rick Tocchet discusses the grueling road schedule of the Coyotes and how the road load will lighten up.
Burns & Gambo - December 8, 2017 - Hour 3
Burns and Gambo discuss the new structure of ASU football and discuss how Adrian Peterson's injury will impact Sunday's game vs. the Titans.
Burns & Gambo - December 8, 2017 - Hour 2
Burns and Gambo look at the difference between Steve Keim and Bruce Arians and discuss why we have accepting losing from the Suns.