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  • Valley soccer teams to clash in U.S. Open Cup for right to face Phoenix Rising April 25, 2018
    Slug: Sports-Soccer U.S. Open Cup, 734 words Photo available. By ANDREW MILAN Cronkite News PHOENIX — Ten years ago, the state of soccer in Arizona appeared to be at a standstill. Fast forward to 2018 and four teams, at varying levels of soccer’s competitive hierarchy, reside in the state. All have aspirations to grow the […]
    Paola Boivin
  • Swinging for the fences: Chandler bat company finds its way to major leagues April 23, 2018
    Slug: Sports Wooden Bats, 986 words Photo available. Video here. By HUNTER ROBINSON Cronkite News CHANDLER — With Major League Baseball back in action, the crack of a wooden bat returns as one of the soundtracks of summer. Some of that sound is courtesy of Valley-based Zinger Bats. The company provides bats for all levels […]
    Paola Boivin
  • Cardinals’ Keim looking for perfect fit, could trade up for quarterback April 21, 2018
    Slug: Sports-Cardinals draft, 639 words Photo available By SHAWN MORAN Cronkite News TEMPE — The NFL Draft is less than a week away and front offices and coaches are finishing up preparations for draft night. All 32 teams hope to land a Day One difference-maker in the first round and one or two diamonds in […]
    Paola Boivin
  • Check please: Phoenix Children’s Hospital grateful for $250,000 from Arizona Coyotes Foundation April 17, 2018
    Slug: Sports-Coyotes donation, 486 words Photos available By REBECCA DANTUONO Cronkite News PHOENIX — Members of the Arizona Coyotes Foundation paid a visit to Phoenix Children’s Hospital, bringing along a large check of $250,000. The money will be used to help support the hospital’s Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders Clinics, one of which opened […]
    Paola Boivin
  • In a snap: Cohl Cabral feels confident in center role with Sun Devils April 13, 2018
    Slug: Sports-ASU Cabral, 613 words Photos available By MATTHEW TONIS Cronkite News TEMPE — On any given play, the only thing guaranteed to happen is that the ball will travel from between the center’s legs toward whoever is behind him. That action is something many take for granted, but it truly is the lifeblood of an […]
    Paola Boivin
  • Suns’ Tyler Ulis bright spot during a cloudy final stretch April 13, 2018
    Slug: Sports-Suns UlisWalker Shoes, 534 words Photo available By AUSTEN BROWNE Cronkite News PHOENIX — In the NBA landscape, a lost season could also inspire hope for the future. Franchises across the league who will spend the playoffs on their couches use the last few weeks of the season to experiment with different lineups and […]
    Paola Boivin
  • What has Diamondbacks’ Taijuan Walker so happy? It’s gotta be the shoes April 13, 2018
    Slug: Sports-Walker Shoes, 600 words Photo available By KAELEN JONES Cronkite News PHOENIX — Last week, Taijuan Walker entered the Diamondbacks’ clubhouse ahead of Arizona’s series finale against the Dodgers carrying two black shoe boxes. Upon reaching his locker, the 6-foot-4, 235-pound right-hander carefully set the packages down atop one another, revealing identical Jumpman logos. […]
    Paola Boivin
  • ‘If anything gets messed up, it’s my fault’: ASU’s Wilson takes job seriously April 11, 2018
    Slug: Sports-ASU Wilson, 613 words Photos available By MATTHEW TONIS Cronkite News TEMPE — Arizona State senior linebacker Jay Jay Wilson is likely known more for his three touchdown catches as a tight end in 2016 or his interception return for a touchdown against Utah last season. What people may not know is his key […]
    Paola Boivin
  • Suns’ Devin Booker: I’m done with not making the playoffs April 11, 2018
    Slug: Sports-Suns Season, 600 words Photos available By ROBERT GUNDRAN Cronkite News PHOENIX — The Phoenix Suns finished their third straight season among the NBA’s worst teams and their eighth season in a row out of the playoff picture. Guard Devin Booker expressed his frustration with the trio of disappointing seasons since joining the league […]
    Paola Boivin
  • Offseason will take Coyotes players around the world April 10, 2018
    Slug: Sports-Coyotes Offseason, 540 words Photos available By LUKE WRIGHT Cronkite News GLENDALE — The NHL regular season has officially ended and for the Arizona Coyotes that means their players are free to enjoy the offseason. What does that mean though? After a season that many players would like to forget, or at least forget […]
    Paola Boivin