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Fantasy Football Fix

  • Fantasy Football Fix: Fantasy Outsiders Week 12 Recap

    A quick look back at Week 12 in the Fantasy Outsiders league.
  • Fantasy Football Fix: Fantasy Outsiders Week 11 Recap

    Recap of Week 11 in the AZ Sports host league. Take a look at how they did.
  • Fantasy Football Fix: Fantasy Outsiders Week 10 Recap

    A quick look back at Week 10 for the hosts at Arizona Sports.
  • Fantasy Football Fix: Fantasy Outsiders Week 9 Recap

    Recap of Week 9 in the Fantasy Outsiders league. Take a look at how they did this week.
  • Fantasy Football Fix: Fantasy Outsiders Week 8 Recap

    A Week 8 recap of this week in the Fantasy Outsiders league.
  • Fantasy Football Fix: Fantasy Outsiders Week 7 Recap

    This week's look at how the Arizona Sports' hosts are doing in Fantasy Football.
  • Fantasy Football Fix: Fantasy Outsiders Week 5 Recap

    Recap of Week 5 for the Arizona Sports hosts in their Fantasy Football league.
  • Fantasy Football Fix: Fantasy Outsiders Week 3 Recap

    Check out Fantasy Football Fix's Week 3 fantasy football recap below for the latest news taking place in our league!
  • Fantasy Football Fix: 2015 Fantasy Rookie Draft

    With the NFL draft just a couple days away, and a number of skill position players rising up big boards across the league, we decided to do our first annual Fantasy Rookie Draft.
  • Fantasy Football Fix: Last call

    The final week of the fantasy football season has arrived. No matter what happens this Sunday, you won't be screaming at Vernon Davis or Brandon Marshall on your TV again until next August. It's sad, really.
  • Fantasy Football Fix: Championship week

    For most fantasy football owners, this is it. Titles are won and lost in Week 16. Well, unless you're in one of those weird leagues that ends in Week 17. In which case, you probably use the metric system and still think cassettes could be making a comeback soon, too. Good luck with that.
  • Fantasy Football Fix: Survive and Advance

    These are the games that you’ll remember. If Le’Veon Bell and C.J. Anderson are dragging you to victory at the most important stretch of the fantasy season, they’ll always have a special spot in your personal Hall of Fame. If you were leaning on Peyton Manning to take you to the promised land just as […]
  • Fantasy Football Fix: The fantasy playoffs

    Week 14 is here and, put quite simply, this is your season. In many fantasy leagues, the playoffs start now.
  • Fantasy Football Fix: Decision time

    The fantasy football playoffs are just around the corner. And considering the craziness we've seen around the NFL this season, there's a good chance that very few -- if any -- of the teams in your league have already wrapped up a playoff spot.
  • Fantasy Football Fix: The playoff push

    Fantasy football's stretch run is officially here. Depending on your specific league, you basically have three or four weeks remaining in your regular season. Time is running short, and finding a way to stack wins is vital.
  • Fantasy Football Fix: Waiver Wired

    Rarely is the waiver wire as important for survival as it is right now.
  • Fantasy Football Fix: Surviving a passing league

    The NFL is definitely a passing league. Need proof? Look no further than the 23 different rookies who have caught a touchdown pass this season. Or how about the fact that Andrew Hawkins is on pace for 1,000 receiving yards. Remember when 1,000 receiving yards was a big deal? If you’re still not convinced, let […]
  • The Fantasy Football Fix: You’re looking for reliability in Week 8

    Reliability is vital this time of year. We’ve reached Week 8, every game is pivotal and fantasy football owners simply cannot afford to start a player who completely fails to show up. And yes, that includes kickers (thank you, Matt Bryant). Sure, guys like Andy Dalton and Torrey Smith can go off at any time […]
  • Fantasy Football Fix: Who do you trust?

    With Week 7 approaching, we’re officially reaching the halfway point of most fantasy seasons. And it’s getting tough to tell who you can trust around the NFL. Are the Dallas Cowboys really this good? Well, they do have the hottest running back in the league and they did just beat up on the Seahawks in […]
  • Fantasy Football Fix: Contender or pretender?

    Week 6 is fast approaching and it’s become evident that this might be a good time for some fantasy football therapy. The game gets tougher every year, with so much access to rankings, advice and the latest news readily available to everyone at all times. Getting an edge on your leaguemates is more difficult than […]