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  • ‘Groovy’ costume returns for latest loser of Cardinals’ bucket challenge

    The Arizona Cardinals quarterback bucket challenge has seen its fair share of unique and in this case, groovy costumes.
  • Bills make the most of snowy conditions, dance during warm-ups

    Just in case the weather in Phoenix made you think otherwise, it is in fact winter in the U.S. Snow showers fall ahead of game between the Bills and Colts.
  • Cowboys’ Dez Bryant gives fan his cleats, warms up in socks

    Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant literally gave the shoes off his feet before Thursday night's matchup against the Washington Redskins.
  • Minnesota Vikings enjoy Thanksgiving feast during first quarter

    Not only did the Vikings take home the win against the Detroit Lions, but they also added one of the best touchdown celebrations of the year in the process.
  • Reporter asks Mike Leach for wedding advice, hilarity ensues

    When Mike Leach was asked if he had any wedding advice for a reporter who was getting married soon, the WSU coach didn't hold back with his lengthy answer.
  • Watch this mind-blowing punt in a Chicago high school game defy physics

    A mind-blowing punt was captured on video at a high school football game in Chicago. Let's just say the 'Windy City' lived up to its nickname.
  • Klay Thompson talks about boring scaffolding in local TV interview

    Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors gave his hot take about building scaffolding in New York City's local TV station.
  • Texans celebrate touchdown by running a relay race

    To the chagrin of the Arizona Cardinals, the Houston Texans scored a touchdown and then ran a relay race with the football.
  • J.D. Martinez’s agent keeps making hilarious metaphors

    The agent for free agent J.D. Martinez, Scott Boras, is well-known, but now he's getting some attention for a different reason.
  • Suns Gorilla spoofs Big Baller Brand with ‘GGG’

    The Phoenix Suns' mascot is looking to corner the athletic clothing market on three-letter abbreviations of the same letter.
  • LeBron James films angry, important subway man on his phone

    This very important fellow would have none of Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James' cell phone filming on a New York City subway.
  • The Vikings are still the kings of NFL touchdown celebrations

    The Minnesota Vikings leap-frog of one another was a great touchdown celebration, but a CFL team one-upped the NFL's best.
  • Ducks’ Kevin Bieksa pretends to be security guard, pranks teammates

    Anaheim Ducks defenseman Kevin Bieksa dressed up as a security guard and wore makeup to prank his teammates in a hilarious video.
  • Phoenix Suns’ Devin Booker sneaks up on fans in Snapchat prank

    Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker is the latest pro athlete to join a video series to prank unsuspecting fans in humorous ways.
  • Cardinals’ Blaine Gabbert latest loser of QB challenge, dresses as tooth fairy

    The Cardinals' tradition of the loser of the quarterback challenge dressing up continued prior to Thursday night's game against the Seahawks.