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  • Sister Mary Jo paints the corner with first pitch at White Sox game

    Sister Mary Jo Sobieck of Marian Catholic high school captivated social media when she threw out the first pitch of the Chicago White Sox game on Saturday.
  • Tyrod Taylor, entire world don’t know how to pronounce Tyrod’s name

    The correct pronunciation of Tyrod Taylor's first name is 'tuh-rod,' not 'TIE-rod.' Maybe. Possibly.
  • The jokes write themselves: Beer fridge will unlock if Browns win

    Yep, these beer fridges will probably be locked up for a long time.
  • Brad Boxberger has the best Players Weekend uniform of the D-backs

    Brad Boxberger's uniform for MLB Players Weekend will apparently feature emojis that visualize a box and a burger.
  • Steelers’ Le’Veon Bell goes all the way in latest Madden glitch

    We knew he was fast, but this is a whole new level. During an online match of Madden 19, Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell most likely set a new Madden record for his 95-yard touchdown.
  • A D-backs reliever finally took the bullpen cart at Chase Field

    Over halfway through the season, no Arizona Diamondback reliever had taken a ride on the bullpen cart. That all changed on Thursday night.
  • Michael Porter Jr. takes pride in beating fans in 2K

    Porter Jr. went to Twitter Tuesday to challenge local Denver fans to play him in 2K in person, and not for fun.
  • No baboon: Twitter jumps all over reporter’s autocorrect goof of haboob

    There was not a baboon running through the Valley and causing power outages despite ESPN's Pedro Gomez's reporting during the D-backs game.
  • John Wall is in Las Vegas and oh yeah also playing for USA Basketball

    Washington Wizards point guard John Wall is in Las Vegas and also supposed to be suiting up for USA Basketball. Here's his headshot.
  • Diamondbacks recreate iconic ‘Bull Durham’ scene

    The D-backs recreated the iconic meeting on the mound scene from the movie "Bull Durham" using members of the team's 20th anniversary team.
  • Carson Palmer doesn’t look like he’s missing the football

    Former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer doesn't seem like he's missing the game of football as NFL training camps begin.
  • Bissonnette, Keller take it from the rink to the racetrack

    It's not uncommon to see Paul Bissonnette and Clayton Keller in the same space. What isn't common is their most recent venture from the ice to the asphalt.
  • French players continue celebration during post-match press conference

    The French National Team captured their second World Cup by defeating Croatia 4-2 on Sunday. And man, did they celebrate.
  • D-backs prospect Yoan Lopez wows with a strikeout and a wild hairdo

    Arizona Diamondbacks prospect Yoan Lopez made quite the splash at the MLB Futures Game with his play on the field and off the field.
  • Metta World Peace and the city of Detroit clearly don’t mix well

    Metta World Peace and the city of Detroit just don't seem to go well together. That was made apparent Friday when he took the ball from a referee during a Big3 basketball game and punted it.