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  • Fitzgerald and other big names will be on the field this July

    Sources have confirmed to that Larry Fitzgerald will be on the field this July. Too bad it will be of the softball variety and not the football one. It was announced that the Arizona Cardinals star wide receiver will take part in the annual Taco Bell All-Star Legends and Celebrity softball game that will […]
  • The price is right … to cut Joey Porter

    Joey Porter’s stay in the desert could be a short one. After a disappointing 2010 season, the veteran linebacker may be cut by the Arizona Cardinals when the lockout is lifted. That’s because the price is right. As part of a piece on, NFL Analyst Adam Caplan drops an interesting bit of information about […]
  • Wilson among NFL’s best safeties

    Safeties are a football team’s last line of defense. They are the last people standing between the offense and the end zone and are asked to do much more than tackle receivers and running backs who slip be cornerbacks and linebackers. Safeties are asked to read offenses, blitz quarterbacks, cover receivers and occasionally stop the […]
  • Analyst thinks Orton would be good for Cards

    For many the name Kyle Orton has been nothing more than an after thought when it comes to the Cardinals quarterback search. While he may be a consolation prize to some, one ESPN analyst thinks he could be a great fit in Arizona. John Clayton, as part of a piece on underrated NFL players, said […]
  • Adrian Wilson tells team to keep working

    Although there is no timetable or estimates as to when NFL activities will resume, there are no excuses for the players to not be preparing both physically and mentally. While fans may be sick of the lockout and prefer to ignore all football talk until there is a resolution, players do not have that option. […]
  • Steve Breaston is an underrated wide receiver

    The Arizona Cardinals’ Steve Breaston isn’t just someone who writes great poetry, he’s also one of the most underrated players in the NFL according to ESPN’s John Clayton. Over the weekend Clayton penned a piece in which he put together an entire starting NFL roster of players who weren’t pro bowlers or first round picks. […]
  • Mixed results from Cardinals tackles

    Although they are often ignored until they allow a sack or are called for holding, the offensive line consists of some of the most important players on a football team. took a look at offensive tackles and rated them based upon their pass blocking efficiency in an attempt to discover the best and worst […]
  • NFL lockout could cause Flagstaff to miss out

    As the possibility that NFL football could become a thing of the 2010-2011 season looms, the home of the Arizona Cardinals training camp is taking stock of the situation.
  • Eagles’ president talks Kolb trade

    Will the Philadelphia Eagles actually trade Kevin Kolb when the lockout is finally over? It’s a question that has floated around the Internet for the past few weeks after former Philly wideout Freddie Mitchell told the backup quarterback he couldn’t trust Andy Reid’s word. On Thursday Eagles president Joe Banner, according to Philadelphia Sports Daily, […]
  • Is Carson Palmer to Arizona still possible?

    Thanks to the NFL lockout, the Arizona Cardinals have been unable to acquire a quarterback and begin to familiarize him with their offense. Instead, the Cardinals have had plenty of time to weigh their options and to provide media and fans with enough gossip and rumors to keep high school girls happy. Carson Palmer is […]
  • Breaston says lockout is all about greed

    Steve Breaston has a lot of free time on his hands thanks to the NFL lockout. While some players have taken to the Internet to openly admit they’re looking at the work stoppage like kids look at summer, as an extended vacation, the Arizona Cardinals’ wide receiver has turned to YouTube to let fans know […]
  • Cardinals’ offensive line among league’s bottom third

    Although often overlooked, the offensive line may be the most important part of a football team. Without strong offensive line play a team’s offense is virtually ineffective. No matter how good a running back or quarterback may be, it is next to impossible to be effective on the ground, or through the air, if there […]
  • Other than Kolb, Hasselbeck is best option for Cards

    Just a month ago it was thought the Arizona Cardinals could cross veteran Matt Hasselbeck of their potential quarterback list. That all changed in the late Tuesday when Sports Illustrated’s Peter King tweeted out the signal caller might be interested in relocating to the Valley. It’s a move a certain Cardinals sideline reporter and local […]
  • Cleveland not interested in Kolb

    The Kevin Kolb sweepstakes just got a little less crowded. Cleveland Browns’ General Manager Tom Heckert confirmed a Cleveland Plain Dealer report that the Browns are not interested in acquiring Kevin Kolb and will move on with Colt McCoy, Senaca Wallace and Jake Delhomme. Heckert and the Browns were linked to Kolb because Heckert drafted […]
  • Cardinals secondary unable to tackle

    Broken tackles, although not calculated in traditional stat sheets, can be the difference between a five-yard completion and a 50-yard touchdown pass. The inability to wrap up a ball carrier and allow the opposing offense to get extra yards can quickly turn a good or average defense into a bad one. recently took at […]
  • The Cardinals need the next Tommy Maddox

    You can’t start a fire You can’t start a fire without a spark This gun’s for hire even if we’re just dancing in the dark ~Bruce Springsteen, Dancing in the Dark Those lyrics from the Boss’ 1984 hit pretty much sum up all the news that has emerged about the Arizona Cardinals’ quarterback search. Thanks […]
  • Are the Cardinals at the top of Hasselbeck’s list?

    Who will lineup under center for the Arizona Cardinals? It’s a question that has been asked more times than “what’s the meaning of life?” with even less clarity on what the answer actually is. Wednesday Sports Illustrated’s Peter King took his shot at shedding some light on that quandry and brought up a familiar name. […]
  • Larry Fitzgerald is more than a football player

    Larry Fitzgerald is known for a lot of things, such as his amazing ability to snatch footballs from the air like a frog grabs a fly, his long flowing hair and his affable nature. One thing Fitzgerald doesn’t get nearly enough attention for is the great work he does for charities across the country. Whether […]
  • Fitzgerald eases fears while giving away leverage

    Larry Fitzgerald knows the Arizona Cardinals need to improve. After going 5-11 last season, so does everyone else. However, as has often been a theme of this off-season, concerns that today’s decisions could affect the Pro Bowler’s future in Arizona were brought up. Fitzgerald, though, pretty much said the plan is to stay in Arizona. […]
  • Fitzgerald doesn’t want to leave Cardinals

    The lockout has put a halt to more in the NFL than a pileup on the I-10 does to people’s drive home. No free agency, no trades, and no team workouts. That doesn’t mean Arizona Cardinals Pro Bowl receiver Larry Fitzgerald isn’t still all business despite none of it getting done around the league. While […]

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