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  • Could the Arizona Cardinals be on Antonio Cromartie’s radar?

    The Arizona Cardinals could be interested in a cornerback with the surname Cromartie, but it may not be of the Rodgers variety. If rumors — emphasis on rumors — that Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie could be dealt for Kevin Kolb turn out to be true, the Cards will be in the market for another defensive back (there’s […]
  • Kevin Kolb: Arizona would be a great place

    It feels like we’ve heard from everyone about the Kevin Kolb to the Arizona Cardinals rumors over the last four months. While it’s nice to know what NFL analysts think and hear the coach speak from Ken Whisenhunt and Andy Reid in regards to the quarterback position, it’s even better to get it straight from […]
  • Re-signing own talent top priority for Cardinals

    Last off-season the Arizona Cardinals lost quite a bit of talent in the free agent market. Karlos Dansby and Antrelle Rolle, among others, departed for greener pastures, leaving the Cardinals with holes to fill. Head coach Ken Whisenhunt, as a guest on Sports 620 KTAR’s Doug and Wolf show, said the idea is for that […]
  • ESPN Insider: Kolb deal likely done with a package of picks

    Rumors of the Arizona Cardinals sending Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie to Philadelphia in exchange for Kevin Kolb seem to have a shelf life longer than a Twinkie thanks to the lockout, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re accurate. Just a day after the rumors re-emerged, one national NFL insider is saying that draft picks — and not […]
  • Whisenhunt: There are a few QBs out there that can help us

    Don’t worry Arizona Cardinals fans, head coach Ken Whisenhunt isn’t losing sleep over the quarterback position and, if you believe what he has to say, neither should you. “The two things that allow me to sleep at night are that we’re going to be aggressive in pursuing a quarterback and trying to get one of […]
  • Cardinals really are just a QB away

    There are many out there who think the Cardinals, with so much as just competent QB play, would have won the NFC West for the third straight time last season. While the Cardinals have not officially addressed that need yet, the team may find itself right back atop the division when they do. ESPN’s Adam […]
  • Sando: Cardinals likely to land Kevin Kolb

    As the NFL lockout nears an end, so will the Arizona Cardinals quarterback controversy. Arizona’s desire to improve at the quarterback is no secret. Kevin Kolb has been the most talked about player for the Cardinals and’s NFC West blogger Mike Sando believes Kolb will be playing in Glendale this fall. “I tend to […]
  • Re-up or Reject: Steve Breaston

    For a few seasons it seemed as though the Arizona Cardinals’ strength was in their receiving corps. Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin and Steve Breaston formed one of the league’s better trios, as they each had 1,000 yard seasons the year the Cardinals made it to the Super Bowl. But now, Fitzgerald has one year left […]
  • Carson Palmer serious about retiring unles he is traded

    One candidate in the Arizona Cardinals quarterback search is "dead serious" about retiring unless he is traded.
  • Is Coach Whiz trying to make every QB Kurt Warner?

    When Kurt Warner left the Cardinals it was assumed Matt Leinart would take over under center. Having been with the team for four seasons, the previous two watching and learning from the future hall of famer, it appeared that the time was right for the former Heisman Trophy winner to get his chance. But, then […]
  • Ken Whisenhunt encouraged by NFL labor negotiations

    After months of uncertainty, the NFL lockout appears to be nearing an end. The players and the owners appear to have agreed upon a rookie wage scale and the return of football seems imminent, which is news that excites everyone involved with the NFL. “When you’re hearing the positive signs that we all are you […]
  • Kyle Orton a better fit than Kevin Kolb

    The tides may be turning. After months of hearing about Kevin Kolb and his role as the future quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals, it appears Kyle Orton is gaining ground. “Rumors [in Seattle] is that it’s a first and a third [for Kolb],” Doug Farrar of said on Sports 620 KTAR’s Gambo and Ash. […]
  • An annual ritual? Cardinals, Seahawks after same QB

    The Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks both need a QB, and they appear to be after the same player. With the bidding war sure to be intense, the last thing the Cardinals want to do is see Charlie Whitehurst head to the northwest. Wait, what? Yeah, roughly a year ago the birds battled over the […]
  • Could the Seahawks force the Cardinals to overpay for Kevin Kolb?

    Sal Paolantonio has already made it clear that the Seahawks and Cardinals will battle it out to obtain the services of Kevin Kolb, but what exactly could that do to the asking price for the Eagles signal caller? Like bidding in an eBay auction, the additional competition will likely just raise the price in the […]
  • The Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks set to battle over Kevin Kolb

    As division rivals the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks go head-to-head twice a year. Thanks to the lockout and a lack of first string quarterbacks on the rosters, the two teams may square off three times in 2011. No, part of the new collective bargaining agreement won’t include a third game against division opponents — […]
  • Patrick Peterson is one of the NFL’s future stars

    While linemen are arguably the most important people on the football field, fans love to watch impact players. Touchdowns, interceptions and jaw dropping hits are what drive ratings and jersey sales. Everyone wants an impact player and in Patrick Peterson, the Cardinals seem to have one. In an ESPN blog about the future stars of […]
  • The Arizona Cardinals can learn from LeBron James

    Larry Fitzgerald is arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL, but the Arizona Cardinals can not let his status as a free agent after the season influence what they decide to do with the quarterback position. It is a huge mistake for an organization to base decisions around one player — just ask the […]
  • Dockett has the Cards’ biggest mouth — and that’s a good thing

    Darnell Dockett is a character. He tweets while being pulled over by the police, about his pet alligator and, well, anything else that’s on his mind. He’s funny, confusing and, sometimes, frustrating. But he’s not James Harrison. Harrison, of course, is the Steelers linebacker who, among other things, voiced his displeasure for NFL Commissioner Roger […]
  • PETA talks to Darnell Dockett

    While media and fans may love Darnell Dockett and his new pet alligator “Nino,” PETA does not feel the same. The pro-animal organization sent Dockett a letter acknowledging that he had purchased the alligator and telling him to get rid of it. Dear Mr. Dockett, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) was alerted […]
  • Cards’ Feely not as optimistic about end of lockout

    While it may appear that the NFL lockout could be nearing its end, the Cardinals’ Jay Feely isn’t quite so sure. The team’s player representative for the player’s association, according to, told ESPN’s Sportscenter, “I do not think (a resolution) is as close as some people make it out to be.” That’s probably not […]

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