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  • Larry Fitzgerald to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated

    You’ll notice a familiar face staring back at you on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week. The publication chose the Arizona Cardinals’ Larry Fitzgerald as their cover boy for the NFL lockout ending. Follow @AZSports
  • Cardinals could be landing spot for Dolphins backup

    While the Cardinals have been linked to names such as Kevin Kolb, Kyle Orton and Matt Hasselbeck, it could be a lesser-known player signing with the team in the near future. Free agent quarterback Tyler Thigpen has his eyes on these potential landing places: Tennessee, Buffalo, Minnesota, Seattle and Arizona.less than a minute ago via […]
  • Kolb to Cards is a done deal — unless it’s not

    Maybe it’s not such a sure bet that Kevin Kolb will be joining the Arizona Cardinals this week. source close to cards and eagles just told me that reports that kolb trade imminent are “very premature”less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet ReplyClark JudgeClarkJudgeCBS Very premature? If that’s the case, there are probably […]
  • Report: Arizona Cardinals have expressed interest in Matt Hasselbeck

    Kevin Kolb might not be the only quarterback the Arizona Cardinals are checking in on now that the lockout has been lifted. In fact, they may have their eyes on a veteran Cardinals fans are familiar with. Reports from the Seattle Times have the Cards placing a call to Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck. One thing […]
  • ESPN NFL insider says Kolb to Cardinals could take a few days

    The new NFL year has begun and yet the long anticipated trade between the Arizona Cardinals and Philadelphia Eagles that would land Kevin Kolb in the desert hasn’t happened yet. That doesn’t mean it won’t. As they say, patience is a virtue. ESPN NFL analyst John Clayton, as a guest with Sports 620 KTAR’s Doug […]
  • Peter King: ‘Get used to the cacti, Kevin Kolb’

    As the trade rumors linking Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb and the Arizona Cardinals grow stronger by the second, one of the big guys has given his opinion. Get used to the cacti, Kevin Kolb.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet ReplyPeter KingSI_PeterKing With seven words, King set Twitter on fire. Within minutes […]
  • Cardinals must act quickly and nab a QB

    At 7:00 a.m. Arizona time Tuesday the Arizona Cardinals will be able to make a trade for or begin negotiating with their next quarterback. By about 7:05 they better have their guy signed, sealed and delivered, especially if it’s Kevin Kolb. “I don’t think the Arizona Cardinals can afford to wait,” Sports 620 KTAR’s Dave […]
  • Brett Favre’s agent connects his client to the Arizona Cardinals?

    Brett Favre is not coming to the Arizona Cardinals. At least that’s what his agent Bus Cook told one newspaper on Monday. “Brett Favre retired in January. He has not talked to any teams, including Carolina Panthers, Philadelphia Eagles, the Arizona Cardinals and the Seattle Seahawks,” Cook told the Clarion Ledger in Mississippi. “He has […]
  • Cardinals have their own free agents to worry about

    The Arizona Cardinals can begin negotiating with free agents Tuesday morning, and they may have to start with the ones who wore a Cardinals jersey last season. Among the group are three players (Early Doucet, Tim Hightower, Brandon Keith) who carry restricted free agent status. The Cardinals extend offers to the three, meaning if they […]
  • Just how fast could Kevin Kolb become an Arizona Cardinal?

    It’s 10:01 on Tuesday, do you know where your starting quarterback is? If your the Arizona Cardinals and Kevin Kolb is you’re signal caller of choice, the answer could be ‘on his way to the Valley’. At least that’s what Philadelphia Inquirer Eagles beat writer Jeff McLane said via Twitter. FYI, player trades can be […]
  • Kolb or Orton would instantly become the third best QB in Cardinals history

    Arizona Cardinals kicker Jay Feely said it best on Twitter, “Football is back!!!!” With the NFL lockout ending that means we are just a matter of days from putting away the rumors that have spread as if the media were a bunch of high school girls hanging out at lunch and finding out who will […]
  • Kolb could be a Card as soon as Tuesday morning?

    The NFL sent out a league calendar, explaining what can happen and when it can take place. Of particular note to Cardinals fans is one sentence, 11 words, listed for July 26: “At 10:00 a.m., New York time, Trading begins for 2011 League Year.” Welcome to Arizona, Kevin Kolb? Maybe. There are some who think […]
  • Lockout is over, so now what?

    Now that the lockout is over it is time for the Cardinals to get back to work. Well, not exactly. There is a timeline of when certain things can happen and, unfortunately, the Cardinals must abide by it. Still, things will get done, and it will happen quickly. According to ESPN, it goes something like […]
  • Re-up or Reject: Lyle Sendlein

    The Cardinals need to see improvement from their offensive line, and it may come by way of forced change. Through retirement and free agency, there are many players who will have to sign on the dotted line if they are to remain wearing Cardinal red. Lyle Sendlein is one such player. Re-up: Sendlein emerged from […]
  • Arizona Cardinals have a lot of money, roster space

    Football has returned and the Arizona Cardinals will need to make a lot of roster moves in a very limited amount of time. While the majority of the attention has centered around the Cardinals desire to acquire Kevin Kolb, they will need to sign a total of 49 players to fill out a 90 man […]
  • Re-up or Reject; Michael Adams

    Pretty much every team in the NFL could use more good defensive backs, and the Arizona Cardinals are no exception. So, would it make sense for the team to part ways with a guy who has been a regular contributor over the last couple seasons? That’s the question they face with Michael Adams. Re-up: To […]
  • Arizona Cardinals players react to the NFL lockout ending

    Football is back!!!! Player Reps approved!!less than a minute ago via Twittelator Favorite Retweet ReplyJay Feelyjayfeely “Hey Laaaa hey Laaaa my girlfriend’s (Football) back”less than a minute ago via UberSocial for BlackBerry Favorite Retweet ReplyLarry FitzgeraldLarryFitzgerald There’s a lot of people heading back to work this week. The US unemployment rate will drop 1% because […]
  • Cards to face competition for Kevin Kolb

    Recent reports seem to indicate that Kevin Kolb will be an Arizona Cardinal, provided nothing surprising or disastrous happens between now and the time a trade can be announced. However, should the unthinkable happen, there is another team with interest in the Eagles backup. Continue to hear the Seahawks’ interest in Kolb has not regressed. […]
  • Jay Feely tweets the return of football

    Almost all is right in the sporting world as football has returned. According to a tweet from Jay Feely, the player reps have approved the latest proposal and football will be back soon. Football is back!!!! Player Reps approved!!less than a minute ago via Twittelator Favorite Retweet ReplyJay Feelyjayfeely Now that the lockout has ended, […]
  • Rodgers-Cromartie talks about trade speculation

    When Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie’s name was first brought up in trade rumors the idea seemed silly, at most. After all, why would the Cardinals trade a 25-year-old former Pro-Bowler who was expected to play a key role in the Cards’ revamped defense? But, if the saying is “where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” then the smoke from […]

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