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  • Fitzgerald eases fears while giving away leverage

    Larry Fitzgerald knows the Arizona Cardinals need to improve. After going 5-11 last season, so does everyone else. However, as has often been a theme of this off-season, concerns that today’s decisions could affect the Pro Bowler’s future in Arizona were brought up. Fitzgerald, though, pretty much said the plan is to stay in Arizona. […]
  • Fitzgerald doesn’t want to leave Cardinals

    The lockout has put a halt to more in the NFL than a pileup on the I-10 does to people’s drive home. No free agency, no trades, and no team workouts. That doesn’t mean Arizona Cardinals Pro Bowl receiver Larry Fitzgerald isn’t still all business despite none of it getting done around the league. While […]
  • Why were Cardinals QBs running for their lives?

    If it seemed like Cardinals QBs were constantly running for their lives last season, your eyes deceived you a little bit. But not much. According to ProFootballFocus, Arizona ranked 22nd in the NFL in pressure-per-passing play, with a rush coming 39.25% of the time. By their count, Arizona dropped back to pass 642 times, with […]
  • Lockout is playing games with Kevin Kolb’s value

    First he’s the next great quarterback, needing only an opportunity to show his stuff. Then, suddenly, he’s overrated, a mediocre-at-best signal caller who crumbles under pressure and can’t complete a deep ball. Trying to determine Kevin Kolb’s value during the lockout has been like Derek Anderson trying to be an NFL quarterback: an exercise in […]
  • Larry Fitzgerald ready to be immortalized for the second time

    Even if the NFL lockout continues well into the fall, you’ll still be able to see Larry Fitzgerald in his home red Arizona Cardinals uniform in Glendale. That’s because there will be a new SportsPicks figurine of the receiver available at Todd McFarlane’s store in Westgate starting this September. The figurine, which was unveiled Monday […]
  • Kolb has more potential than QBs drafted in 2011

    The Boston Globe on Monday polled seven anonymous NFL general managers and player personnel people about how much they’d be willing to give up for Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback Kevin Kolb. Of those seven ‘experts’, six said they wouldn’t give up a first round pick for him. It was a report that got Sports 620 […]
  • Cardinals can contend without franchise QB

    Although the Cardinals are in desperate need of a quarterback, ESPN’s Mike Sando does not think the team needs a franchise quarterback to win the NFC West. The Arizona quarterback debate, which seems to revolve around Kevin Kolb and Kyle Orton, is something the Cardinals need to settle as soon as the lockout is ended. […]
  • GMs say Kolb not worth a first round pick

    Kevin Kolb is about as popular with QB starved teams around the NFL as Lady Gaga in a steak dress would be to a group of rabid dogs. Is he worth all that attention, excitement and the lofty price tag that comes along with him though? That was the question the Boston Globe posed to […]
  • Derek Anderson gets in Twitter argument at 2 a.m.

    Oft-mocked Cardinals quarterback Derek Anderson couldn’t sleep last night and turned to Twitter to amuse himself. He must have been bored, as he decided to get into a full-blown argument with Cleveland Browns fan Bob Wetsel. When Anderson sent out a whimsical-sounding tweet wondering why he does certain things, Wetsel was giving him some flak […]
  • Cardinals may get to Flagstaff after all

    While many have begun to question whether the NFL lockout will stretch well into training camp, news of a special negotiation session in Chicago on Thursday has turned some doubters into optimists. “I’m starting to get close to recanting on whether or not we’re going to Flagstaff,” Doug Franz said Friday morning on Sports 620 […]
  • Cardinals second best organization in NFC West

    The Arizona Cardinals may have finished 5-11 and in last place in the NFC West last season, but Fox Sports’ Adam Schein thinks the Cardinals are the second best organization in the division. In his annual organizational rankings, Schein grades teams and organizations on six categories that are believed to be vital towards having a […]
  • Dockett continues to work during lockout

    Needless to say the ongoing NFL lockout is affecting all NFL players and teams, but it is impacting some a lot more than others. “[The lockout] benefits everyone that’s been to the playoffs and the Super Bowl teams,” Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett told ESPN Tucson’s Jody Oeheler. “It’s benefitting all them, but not the […]
  • Beanie not worried about his job but is about QBs

    Just because the NFL players are locked out doesn’t mean their lips are sealed. Some are more than willing to talk and media members are more than willing to listen. On Thursday Arizona Cardinals running back — for now — Beanie Wells exercised his right to an opinion as a guest on Happy Hour with […]
  • Broncos asking for second round pick for Orton

    The Arizona Cardinals are in desperate need for a quarterback, but acquiring one is much easier said than done. One of the quarterbacks the Cardinals have shown interest in is Denver’s Kyle Orton. While Orton may be a good fit in Arizona, he is also a good fit in Denver and the Broncos will not […]
  • Could Andy Reid be playing Cards and Kolb?

    The Kevin Kolb drama rolls on and in Thursday’s episode there is intrigue and possible deception on tap. That’s because former Eagles wide receiver Freddie “I’d like to thank my hands for being so great” Mitchell decided to take to the airwaves in Philadelphia to let Kolb know of the duplicitous nature of Andy Reid. […]
  • Is Patrick Peterson too big to succeed?

    The phrase “too big to fail” has been thrown around in business, but in the NFL the opposite may hold true. At six-foot-one and 219 pounds, Cardianls first rounder Patrick Peterson is a little on the big side for a corner back. On ESPN’s NFL Live Wednesday analyst Mark Schlereth, while talking about the rookie, […]
  • Charles Woodson, Deion Sanders, Rod Woodson…Patrick Peterson?

    The fifth overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Cardinals’ Patrick Peterson enters the league with high expectations. None, however, seem to be as high as the ones he is placing on himself. He told ESPN’s NFL Live that his goal is to be the best. Not the best corner, though, but the best […]
  • Former Buckeye, current Cardinal defends Tressel

    Jim Tressel, seemingly under fire from every direction, has at least one supporter in one of his former players. Beanie Wells, now a running back for the Cardinals, has been outspoken in his defense for the former Ohio State coach. As Beanie explained on ESPN Tuesday, Tressel was just being a father protecting his kids. […]
  • ESPN Insider thinks Orton top QB available

    PHOENIX – When it comes to grading the top quarterbacks available by either free agency or trade in the NFL, the Eagles’ Kevin Kolb seems to be the most popular name. Not all share this assessment. ESPN Insider KC Joyner believes the Denver Broncos’ signal-caller Kyle Orton, who is believed to be available via trade, […]
  • Warner sides with owners in NFL labor dispute

    Kurt Warner has been away from the football field for over a year and he may have finally found his post career calling. Working in the NFL Commissioner’s office. That’s because Warner came out on Friday and told the USA Today his thoughts on the NFL’s labor strife and his stance might surprise many around […]

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