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  • NHL sends Glendale a bill for $25 million

    One of the most annoying things in the world to deal with is a receiving a bill you aren’t prepared to pay. The City of Glendale knows that feeling all too well. There bill just happens to be significantly more than you’ll ever be able to put on a credit card. According to the Arizona […]
  • Winnipeg mayor doesn’t think ‘Yotes are coming back

    If you are a Coyotes fan who does not think the team will be moving back to Canada, you now have at least one more believer: Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz. According to the Winnipeg Sun, Katz said his belief is based on knowledge of the contractual obligations the team holds in Arizona. “Do I believe […]
  • Desert Dog Blog: Coyotes face unique off-season

    GLENDALE – The ice inside Arena is gone and the Coyotes players have scattered for the off-season. It’s been only three days since the season ended abruptly with a loss to Detroit in the Western Conference Quarterfinals and already I’m eager for training camp to start. So are the players. Getting swept in the […]
  • Doan “embarrassed” over team’s playoff loss

    PHOENIX – Phoenix Coyotes captain Shane Doan isn’t happy with his team’s playoff performance against the Detroit Red Wings. “I’m embarrassed and as a group we should be embarrassed because we got beat four straight. It’s always a sick feeling when it’s over, you failed and didn’t do your job,” said Doan on the Sports […]
  • Darcy Olsen opens mouth, inserts foot (and cupcakes)

    Finally, the meeting happened The Goldwater Institute, the City of Glendale and prospective Coyotes owner Matthew Hulsizer got together Thursday to discuss the sale of the hockey team which has been, up until now, stalled by the conservative thinktank’s opposition. No worries, as the meeting helped them agree on some of the most important issues, […]
  • Bryzgalov won’t play in Winnipeg

    Fans aren’t the only ones who don’t want the Phoenix Coyotes to relocate to Winnipeg, their goaltender isn’t fond of the idea either. After his team was eliminated — both from the playoffs and possibly from ever again playing in the city of Glendale — by the Detroit Red Wings, goalie Ilya Bryzgalov was asked […]
  • Inside the Box: Red Wings complete the sweep

    After every Phoenix Coyotes game we’ll examine the box score and provide you with instant analysis. So it’s time to go Inside the Box for April 20, 2011: Red Wings 6, Coyotes 3 The Coyotes, going into Game 4, knew they were up against it. Trailing 3-0, they had pretty much been dominated by the […]
  • Bettman: “the Goldwater Institute killed the deal”

    The Goldwater Institute and the City of Glendale will finally sit down and discuss the future of the Phoenix Coyotes. The question is, is it too little, too late? According to the Phoenix Business Journal, the two sides have agreed to meet this Thursday. They hope to try and iron out their differences on the […]
  • If this is adios for the Coyotes, I can hold my head high

    I'm one of the worst type of hockey fans. I heckle, jeer and insult the other team. I'm loud, rough and generally obnoxious. And it's part of hockey. Hockey fans are an in-your-face bunch during an unimportant game, a throwaway. The bigger the game, the bolder fans like myself get. If it's the playoffs, forget it. You might as well plug your ears and hope my voice is gone by the second intermission.
  • Coyotes had a fair shot at success, right?

    The Phoenix Coyotes has qualified for the playoffs in under half of its seasons here and never advanced past the first round. Fan support has been dwindling, financial losses cause potential owners to shy away and few fan favorites are left. It reads like a script about how a hockey team leaves an empty arena for the promise of greener fields, until you ask a player how it feels.
  • Inside the Box: 1-2 knockout floors Coyotes

    After every Phoenix Coyotes game we’ll examine the box score and provide you with instant analysis. So it’s time to go Inside the Box for April 18, 2011: Red Wings 4, Coyotes 2 Two Detroit Red Wings goals within the first three minutes of the first period knocked a hard-skating Coyotes on their heels and […]
  • Big-cheese Hulsizer needs to spend that cheddar

    An article in the Phoenix Business Journal said, in a nutshell, that all sides in the sale of the Phoenix Coyotes are not budging. In what should have been a straight-forward sale, Glendale, Matthew Hulsizer and the Goldwater Institute have created what could be the most boring Western showdown in the news.
  • GM Maloney hopes team can fix flaws in time for Game 3

    Not a lot has gone right for the Phoenix Coyotes in their first two playoff games in Detroit against the Red Wings. But with the series shifting to their home ice for Monday night’s Game 3, Coyotes’ General Manager Don Maloney joined Sports 620 KTAR’s Doug and Wolf Monday morning to discuss what his team […]
  • Inside the Box: Red Wings blitz Coyotes early

    After every Phoenix Coyotes game we’ll examine the box score and provide you with instant analysis. So it’s time to go Inside the Box for April 16, 2011: Red Wings 4, Coyotes 3 The Good: After falling behind 4-0 the Coyotes stormed back to make it a game, drawing within one goal at 8:37 in […]
  • Tippett looking for physicality, less missed chances

    Shane Doan has said he needs to be physical to play at his best. He showed it on Wednesday night, leading the team with eight hits, but Phoenix Coyotes coach Dave Tippett was not impressed by the physicality of the rest of the team. “I think that’s an element of our game that can be […]
  • All the Coyotes need is faith, not Winnipeg

    As the Coyotes ready themselves for Saturday’s game against the Red Wings in Detroit, two cities are outside their respective legislature’s office, advocating for the presence of a single NHL franchise. Frantic phone calls are being made to anyone involved in the decision. Thousands of status updates and tweets are begging the team to call […]
  • Inside the Box: Coyotes waste golden opportunity

    After every Phoenix Coyotes game we’ll examine the box score and provide you with instant analysis. So it’s time to go Inside the Box for April 13, 2011: Coyotes 2, Red Wings 4 PHOENIX – The Phoenix Coyotes dropped Game 1 to the Detroit Red Wings 4-2 wasting a golden opportunity in the process. The […]
  • Who elected the Goldwater Institute?

    Which people in Glendale elected the Goldwater Institute to protect them? It’s a simple question. One that Arizona Senator John McCain is wondering. See McCain has been in elected office for the past 29-years and isn’t quite sure at what point during that time the Goldwater Institute joined him. “Who elected the Goldwater Institute to […]
  • Report: Coyotes deal on last legs

    As the Coyotes prepare for a first round playoff series in Detroit, they may also be readying themselves for a move out of Glendale. According to The Toronto Sun, a source with knowledge of the negotiations say the deal to keep the team in Arizona is on its last legs. The source, which requested anonymity, […]
  • McCain calls for mediation and talks to keep Coyotes

    Sen. John McCain says it's going to be "extremely difficult" to keep the Coyotes in the Valley unless the Goldwater Institute resolves its opposition to Glendale's deal which would have the NHL team bought by Chicago businessman Matthew Hulsizer.