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Burns & Gambo

  • Burns: Couldn’t have done it without him

    Take all the success the Cardinals have had over the last couple of years. The Super Bowl, the division titles, the newfound national respect. Now imagine it as a giant pie (apple of course). How big is Kurt Warner’s slice? How much of it was he directly and personally responsible for? The knee jerk reaction […]
  • Gambo: Time for the Suns to shake things up

    Another game, another loss for the Phoenix Suns. A season that started with so much promise after an improbable 14-3 start is crashing down upon us and you get the feeling the Suns have fallen and the can’t get up. Just how a team could get off to such a great start and then forget […]
  • Burns: Not what Leinart said but how he said it

    Do you believe in body language? In the idea that it’s not what you say, but how you say it? In the subtle hints and clues that you can pluck from tone, posture, pauses, inflection and the like? I do. Big time. Maybe I’m an old fashioned radio geek, but, part of my job is […]
  • Gambo: Lopez making an impact

    It’s only four games so we don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves. But it’s hard not to notice the impact that Robin Lopez has had on the Phoenix Suns since he has been getting extended minutes. In the last four games Lopez has shot 27-for-38 from the field for 64 points, grabbed […]
  • Burns: Warner’s future starts important offseason

    The only battle left to win is the one inside the heart, mind and soul of #13. The Cardinals glorious (more on that in a moment) 2009 season came to a splintering halt Saturday in New Orleans. You can ruminate on the injuries and the collective empty gas tank to your heart’s desire; when you […]
  • Saints are vulnerable, Cards pull one out

    This is not another attempt to bash the credibility of Cris Collinsworth. Cardinals fans took the belt to the NBC announcer so many times last year that the poor guy can barely go on talk radio in Phoenix without a mandatory upfront apology. With his the-Cardinals-are-the-worst-team-to-make-the-playoffs speech, Collinsworth (who is actually one of my favorite […]
  • Gambo: D-backs made great move in getting LaRoche

    Of all the moves the Arizona Diamondbacks have made this offseason, none have made as much sense as the one that came down today with the announcement of the signing of Adam LaRoche to a one-year contract with a mutual option for a second season. The Diamondbacks have been desperate for a real first baseman […]
  • Whisenhunt owes Carroll a thank you

    Now that the Pete Carroll hiring in Seattle is official it’s time for Ken Whisenhunt to get to the nearest Hallmark store and purchase that $4 ‘Thank You’ card. Because no one in the NFL will benefit more from Carroll’s hiring than Whisenhunt himself. Carroll signed a 5-year contract for a mind boggling $33 million […]
  • Gambo: McGwire deserves nothing from us

    So Mark McGwire told us all what we already knew – that he cheated and took steroids during his playing career. So what now? It doesn’t change anything. He is not suddenly off the hook. Maybe it’s good for his conscience that he came clean and he can now live with himself. But for me […]
  • Gambo: Can the Cardinals recover in time for Sat?

    As fun and exciting as Sunday’s game at University of Phoenix Stadium was the Cardinals go into this week of practice with several questions. How will they react with a short week of practice? Can they address their secondary issues in time to face a potent New Orleans offense? Will Anquan Boldin be able to […]
  • Burns: So much love and hate and then love again

    To borrow a line from Cards play-by-play man Dave Pasch, the Cards 51-45 playoff win over the Packers was……. Epic. By the third quarter the game had the same feel as the Cardinals NFC Championship victory last year over the Eagles. By the time much-maligned defensive back Michael Adams forced a fumble by Aaron Rodgers […]
  • Gambo: What do the Suns do now?

    The brutal 16-game December stretch that the Phoenix Suns brass was going to use as its true gauge to determine how good this team is officially ended Wednesday night. The Suns went 7-9 during the month, finishing with quality wins over the defending world champion Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics. They had a nice […]
  • Gambo: Coyotes starting to gain some attention

    Not a bad year that we have going on for sports here in the Valley right now. The Cardinals are headed back to the playoffs to defend their NFC Championship. The Suns have been better than expected and coming off a huge win over the Lakers Monday night and appear to be a solid playoff […]
  • Burns: What an absolute disaster

    The Cards loss to the Niners by the numbers: 7—Turnovers by the Cardinals 10—Penalties by the Cardinals 11—First downs by the Cardinals 167—Rushing Yards by Frank Gore 0—chance to win when you add up all the numbers listed above Millions and Millions—Football fans who are feeling like the Cardinals just plain fooled them last week […]
  • Burns: Breaking down the trade with pros and cons

    You don’t need a GPS to know that sitting on a fence is not the proper location for hosting a sports talk radio show. But that’s right where I am on this Max Scherzer/Edwin Jackson, D-backs/Tigers/Yankees three way trade that is on the table. The D-backs would acquire Tigers starting pitcher Edwin Jackson and Yankees […]
  • Burns: I did not see this coming

    I love movies with surprise endings. I’m just arrogant enough to think that I’m as smart as the guys who made the thing and I can figure it out before they figure it out for me (I’m not that smart – I just think I am). The thing about them is that the clues are […]
  • Burns: A tiger of similar stripes

    Call me a cynic. Maybe I’ve been covering professional athletes too long. But there is not one shred of me that is surprised about Tiger Woods. The voicemails, the cover stories, the photos, the sheer volume of women that are now being linked to the world’s number one golfer. I don’t care how perfect the […]
  • Gambo: The Wildcats come up short of smelling roses

    There are certainly no moral victories for the Arizona Wildcats this season. The door was wide open for them to win the Pac-10 championship and head to their first Rose Bowl thanks to a down year by USC. But Saturday’s devastating loss to Oregon — a game in which they led 24-14 in the fourth […]
  • Burns: The Cardinals make me giddy

    At times it was sleepy. At times it was undisciplined. At times it was alarming. And in the end it felt more like relief than a victory. But the one thing, the main thing, I take away from the Cardinals 31-20 win over the Seahawks on Sunday is a sense of…….giddiness. Kind of like that […]
  • Burns: Predictably unpredictable

    The Arizona Cardinals unpredictability have become….so predictable. In a season filled with plot twists, what’s one more? The unexpected is to be expected after watching the Cardinals demolish the Bears 41-21. 4-0 on the road, 1-3 at home. Five picks last week for Kurt Warner, five touchdown passes this week. Shock the world by beating […]

Burns & Gambo