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  • College football just can’t get it right

    What’s wrong with college football executives? Why do they always get it wrong? The word college is synonymous with higher learning. And the people in positions of power at universities are supremely educated. They possess extreme intelligence. And yet, time and again they prove they couldn’t tell Coke from Pepto-Bismol in a blind taste test. […]
  • Game plan for Arizona Cardinals vs. Seattle? Get boring

    You want to beat the Seattle Seahawks Thursday night? Bore them to death. I realize that Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians loves the deep passing game, putting in wrinkles like Patrick Peterson at wideout and having an overall aggressive approach offensively, but he needs to quit on all that this week. It’s time to […]
  • Ellington may be boost Cards’ offense needs

    It’s not always greedy to ask for more. Sometimes it’s simply the right thing to do. Oliver Twist asked for more gruel and touched off a meaningful rebellion. Bruce Dickinson asked for more cowbell and the Blue Oyster Cult soared into stardom. So, don’t be ashamed, Cardinals fans, to ask for more Andre Ellington. It […]
  • 49ers’ reliance on Frank Gore may have turned their season around

    It’s nearly Halloween. And what’s Halloween without a little Gore? Apparently, San Francisco got the message after their ghoulish performances against Seattle and Indianapolis. The reigning NFC Champs were outscored 56-10 in back-to-back games in September. The offensive output was pathetic enough for veteran running back Frank Gore to raise his hand and say, “hey, […]
  • Are the Arizona Diamondbacks really interested in David Price?

    David Price is preparing himself for the inevitable. He’s getting traded. The low-budget Tampa Bay Rays can’t afford to keep the star pitcher once he becomes a free agent. So, despite Price’s love affair with the team that drafted him number one overall in 2005, he has his bags packed and set by the door. […]
  • Why part with Charles Nagy AND Ian Kennedy?

    I’m not surprised by Tuesday’s announcement that Charles Nagy has been fired as the Diamondbacks’ pitching coach. Coaches come and coaches go, and the staffs of teams that finish .500 and blow nine game leads are rarely extended the luxury of returning in tact. However, what I do find curious is why Ian Kennedy was […]
  • Depending on how you look at it, this could be a fun year for the Phoenix Suns

    The scoreboards at sports arenas urge fanfare. MAKE SOME NOISE! LET ME HEAR YOU!! ON YOUR FEET!!! Never do you see the scoreboard read… BE PATIENT! LOSING IS PART OF THE PLAN!!! TRUST US, THIS CRAP YOU’RE WATCHING IS GOING TO PAY OFF!! But the latter grouping of cheers are the messages Suns fans must […]
  • Want to see great inside linebackers? Watch Cardinals vs. Panthers Sunday

    What do you watch football for? Your favorite team? Fantasy football? Because you want to know immediately if you need to leave town before the shylock breaks your legs over gambling debts? You ever sit down to watch football for the chance to see excellent middle linebacker play? Probably not. But if ever there was […]
  • Can the Arizona Diamondbacks lure Joe Maddon to the desert?

    For years I’ve wondered why big market clubs haven’t aggressively pursued Joe Maddon to be their next manager. Take the Chicago Cubs. Their last two hires have been Dale Sveum and Mike Quade, when the best manager in baseball is making just $2 million per year in Tampa? We are talking about a team that […]
  • Seven things you should know about the Levi Brown trade

    Levi Brown was traded Wednesday to the Pittsburgh Steelers for a conditional late-round draft pick. Cardinal fans aren’t sorry to see Brown go. After all, he’d been made the face for the league’s worst offensive line three years running. But as Levi heads out of town, I present to you seven things that should be […]