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  • Chuck Powell’s All Star Ballot vs. a 9-year-old’s

    Every year Major League Baseball contends with heavy criticism over how the rosters are selected for the All-Star Game. Personally, I take issue with how the reserves are selected, but I’ve always defended the league over the main two points of contention. I do believe every Major League team should be represented at the Fall […]
  • Want to save hockey? This is how you do it

    Another offseason. Another batch of stay or go rumors to keep the Coyotes fan up at night. More interested ownership groups, more mystery investors, more Glendale city council meetings, more cities trying to entice a move, more Goldwater Group pressure, more “wish we’d have never built the damn thing,” more hands-tied piecing together of a […]
  • Just because Jason Kidd was a great player does not mean he won’t be a good head coach

    I hate being in a position where I feel the need to defend a person or practice I’ve long criticized, but why can’t Jason Kidd be a successful NBA head coach? For years, professional sports executives, players and yes, even fans, have subscribed to the fallacy that you had to have played the game at […]
  • The ‘Unwritten Rules’ need to be written down

    I’ve been saying it for years. Someone needs to take baseball’s “Unwritten Rules” and write them down. More than Ian Kennedy’s two pitches to the head Tuesday night or Zack Greinke’s three attempts to exact retribution against Miguel Montero, man’s individual interpretation of baseball’s old-school codes of conduct took what was nothing more than an […]
  • Chuck Powell: Tebowmania meets monotony

    What happens when mania meets monotony? When Tim Tebow was signed by the New England Patriots on Monday it led to “Tebowmainia” in Foxborough, Massachusetts. The press and the likes were met with the ever stoic Bill Belichick, who didn’t give into the pressure of the hype and answered all Tebow questions without moving his […]
  • The Dodger fan base must be asking ‘what if’ right about now

    This week the Diamondbacks are in Los Angeles to face what is currently the worst team in their division but also the player creating the most buzz in all of baseball. Yasiel Puig. The 22-year old Cuban outfielder has launched 4 home runs and knocked in 10 runs during his first 7 games as a […]