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  • Coyotes to host Winnipeg in home-opener

    The Phoenix Coyotes will host Winnipeg in their 2011 home opener. After there was much talk about the Coyotes being relocated to Winnipeg at the end of last season, the team will play their first home game against the new franchise. The Coyotes will play their first three games of next season on the road […]
  • Goalie Bryzgalov agrees to deal with Flyers

    The Philadelphia Flyers and Ilya Bryzgalov have agreed to a deal, according to Brian Stubits of The two sides have apparently agreed to a long-term contract that cannot be made official until the Flyers are able to get under the new $64 million salary cap meaning that GM Paul Holmgren will likely be getting […]
  • NHL says more than one buyer interested in Coyotes

    The Phoenix Coyotes have been rumored to be ‘hooking up’ with so many different potential owners over the last few years they are starting to sound like a soap opera character (or a pop star, take your pick). According to Rogers Sportsnet’s John Shannon, It sounds like we may soon be able to add another […]
  • Coyotes were 10 minutes from moving to Winnipeg

    Six-hundred seconds. That’s how close the Jets — better known as the Phoenix Coyotes — were to packing up and flying back to Winnipeg. This isn’t one of those Internet rumors or wishful thinking from a fan base longing for their wayward franchise. No, the owner of the new Winnipeg NHL team, Mark Chipman, told […]
  • ESPN ranks Coyotes as best franchise in Arizona

    No owner? No problem. At least that’s how it looks for the Phoenix Coyotes in ESPN the Magazine’s eyes. As part of the publication’s annual ranking of all 122 professional sports franchise in North America, the Coyotes finished 28th overall. Despite losing millions last season and a myriad off the ice issues, they were the […]
  • NHL commissioner says Glendale saved Coyotes

    After two-years worth of speculation, the city of Winnipeg once again has an NHL franchise. Too most people’s surprise though it was the Atlanta Thrashers and not the Phoenix Coyotes who packed up the moving vans and headed to the Great White North. The question many have wondered is why the NHL has fought so […]
  • Desert Dog Blog: Coyotes Preparing for NHL Draft

    GLENDALE — The 2011 NHL Entry Draft is fast approaching next week so I figured today was a good day to provide Coyotes fans with the basic information. Keep in mind, a 2011 NHL Entry Draft microsite will be launched at shortly to provide fans with more in-depth coverage of the Coyotes – and […]
  • Coyotes’ newest coach has an entertaining past

    A hockey team making a minor change to their coaching staff in the middle of June is like the plain looking girl in high school, it doesn’t exactly garner a lot of attention. That’s even more true when said announcement takes place the morning after the NBA crowned it’s newest champion. Despite the uphill battle, […]
  • Playfair named associate coach

    Jim Playfair has signed a multi-year contract to become the associate coach of the Phoenix Coyotes, General Manager Don Maloney announced. “We are very pleased to welcome Jim to the Coyotes organization,” said Maloney. “Jim is a tremendous coach with a wealth of experience and I am confident that he will be a great addition […]
  • Coyotes should give the Jets back to Winnipeg

    If the new NHL franchise in Winnipeg is named the Jets, they won’t own any of the records of the previous organization that carried the same moniker. That’s because, according to NHL Deputy Commisioner Bill Daly, those records will remain as part of the Phoenix Coyotes franchise and the new Jets would retain the records […]