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  • The 5: Crushing injuries in Arizona sports history

    Unfortunately, Arizona's sports teams are quite familiar with soul crushing, season-changing injuries.
  • The 5: D-backs prospects to keep an eye on

    While things have not gone well at the big league level, down in the minors, the D-backs have players who are putting together some pretty good seasons.
  • The 5: Top homecomings in Arizona sports history

    It is said you can't go home again, but these five Arizona sports figures proved that saying wrong in their returns to the Valley.
  • The 5: Memorable quotes in Arizona sports history

    The Arizona sports market may be lacking championships, but there has certainly been no shortage of memorable quotes.
  • The 5: Biggest Phoenix Suns draft steals

    The Phoenix Suns have a rich history of landing talented players in the latter stages of the NBA Draft.
  • The 5: Phoenix sports figures with famous fathers

    Phoenix sports figures with famous fathers, just in time for Father's Day.
  • The 5: Worst NBA Finals ever

    Golden State-Cleveland hasn't been a good NBA Finals matchup thus far, but it's still not in the same category as these dogs.
  • The 5: Biggest shots in Phoenix Suns’ playoff history

    The 5 takes a trip down memory lane to capture the biggest clutch moments in the postseason history of the Phoenix Suns.
  • The 5: Quarterbacks with the most pressure

    The NFL is a “coffee’s for closers” world, and that notion that particularly applies to the quarterback position.
  • The 5: Things you may not remember about the 2001 World Series

    The 2001 World Series was filled with unforgettable moments, but 15 years later, there may be some things you forgot.