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The 5

  • The 5: Most underrated Arizona Cardinals of all-time

    The folks over at have been spending their summer reaching for content, and one of their latest attempts at story lines has been coming up with All-time underrated and overrated players lists for each team. The Cardinals’ edition was published July 8, and it got me thinking about the premise. Having grown up a […]
  • The 5: Most Painful Arizona Sports Moments

    As anniversaries go, June 20 marked a pretty grim one in the minds and hearts of Phoenix sports fans. On that date in 1993, a reserve guard from Notre Dame took a pass from a player who was inexplicably double-teamed and hit a three-pointer from the left wing with 3.9 seconds left. John Paxson was […]
  • The 5: Reasons why I could never root for the San Antonio Spurs

    There are certain things in this world that I just don’t do, and rooting for the Spurs is certainly in my top five. Some in this world (lookin’ at you Gambo) believe that a hatred for the Miami Heat and their ambitious goal of global domination through talent consolidation is more vile-worthy than the Spurs. […]
  • The 5: Takeaways from the first month of the D-backs season

    The first month of the Arizona Diamondbacks season is over and it’s provided enough talking points to fill a whole season. Here are my top five. 1. The bullpen The D-backs have blown 10 saves. The Major League average through the first month of the season is three. The problem is that it’s not just […]
  • The 5: Options for the Cardinals on draft day

    Of course, there are more than five options, but I think the essence of the options come down to five choices. Besides, I’m a rule follower. It’s called The 5, not The 11. So here are the five options with conveniently included odds intended solely for the purposes of wagering. A Guard (3 to 1) […]
  • The 5: Best top 10 picks in Cardinals history

    Draft week is upon us in the National Football League. The most talked about happening in the sports world will unfold over a three-day period in New York this weekend. Once again, the Arizona Cardinals find themselves drafting in the top ten. This year’s seventh overall selection marks the 16th time in their 26 drafts […]
  • The 5: Worst top 10 picks in Cardinals history

    There’s no question about it. The Arizona Cardinals have a huge decision to make Thursday night when they mull over the No. 7 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. Following a disappointing 5-11 season and a wholesale regime change, the Cardinals have plenty of holes to fill, and there’s no better place to start than […]
  • The 5: Best movie quarterbacks of all-time

    So with Kevin Kolb now out of the picture, the Arizona Cardinals are back to square one at the quarterback position. While Steve Keim and Co. will likely exhaust every option (draft and trade market) before training camp opens in July — and already have to some degree with the signing of Drew Stanton — […]
  • The 5: Best Cardinals of all-time

    It sounds strange to refer to Adrian Wilson as a former Cardinals safety, but after 12 seasons, he’s just that. The team and Wilson parted ways last Friday and now, like many great Cardinals before him, he’ll finish his career in another uniform. Wilson’s résumé is impressive, but it got me to thinking. Now that […]
  • The 5: Most Underrated Sports Movies

    So the Oscars are in the rear view mirror until next February, and judging from the lack of attention they got at this year’s gala, 2012 wasn’t a great year for sports movies. That hasn’t always been the case. Since 1976, 11 sports movies have been nominated for the Best Picture Oscar. Three of them […]