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Dan Bickley

  • Cardinals suffer 1st failure of season in Sunday’s game against Panthers

    A loss and a failure are two different things. A tie, a moral victory, and one bad loss later, the Arizona Cardinals are 0-2-1 in a competitive division.
  • ASU’s road to national relevance begins with trap game vs. Colorado

    Arizona State is prone to its fair share of trap games and this Saturday's matchup against Colorado is no different than the others.
  • Cardinals, Kyler Murray are encouraging despite Sunday’s loss

    The Arizona Cardinals and Kyler Murray are showing some promising signs, and nobody is accusing the team of playing Pretty Boy Football anymore.
  • Hazen’s emotional ties to Red Sox should be concerning for D-backs

    The Arizona Diamondbacks should have plenty of reasons to be nervous about general manager Mike Hazen leaving for the Boston Red Sox.
  • Cardinals providing renewed hope even after season-opening tie

    A draw is not what you want to feel after spending an emotional Sunday afternoon with your favorite football team. But this one was perfectly acceptable.
  • Kyler Murray will lead Cardinals to victory in his NFL debut

    Dan Bickley has his predictions for Week 1 of the NFL season and that includes a standout win for Kyler Murray in his NFL debut.
  • Suns’ Devin Booker continues to take on harsh, unfair criticism

    Devin Booker continues to get criticized and looked down on while the Phoenix Suns have done little to help make life easier for him.
  • Athletes are at the top of their game, but fans could do much better

    Over the past few decades, the instances of intolerable sports fans have become the norm, but athletes deserve better from their fans.
  • Arizona Cardinals show more good than bad in loss to Vikings

    The third game of the preseason is the only one that matters. The Cardinals’ performance can be described in one word: Whew.
  • A new step for my daughter makes me Arizona State’s newest fan

    With his daughter beginning enrollment at Arizona State University, Dan Bickley officially becomes the newest fan of the school's athletics.
  • Kliff Kingsbury has entire NFL circling Cardinals on the calendar

    It has been immediately made clear that Kliff Kingsbury's style of offense has the rest of the NFL putting a target on the back of the Cardinals.
  • Kyler Murray’s poor showing against Raiders least of Cardinals’ issues

    The Arizona Cardinals' issues in Week 2 of the preseason against the Oakland Raiders went far beyond a poor performance by Kyler Murray.
  • After more arrests, questions about Cardinals’ culture begin to swirl

    After news of two more arrests and another Arizona Cardinals player released, the culture inside the franchise must have questions asked.
  • Kyler Murray looked poised, under control in first Cardinals action

    Kyler Murray's one-series appearance in the Arizona Cardinals' preseason opener against the Chargers checked the boxes and stoked the imagination
  • Despite consistent .500 play, 2019 Diamondbacks are a success

    Despite consistently being a .500 team, the 2019 Diamondbacks are a success following the expectations and acquisitions of young talent this season.
  • Bickley: What’s in a number? Valley about to find out

    What's in a number? Our own Dan Bickley writes that a player's number is a lot more significant than just stitching on a jersey.
  • Arizona Coyotes new owner bringing exhilarating feeling to Valley

    The Arizona Coyotes new owner didn't mince words during his introductory press conference. He wants to win, giving the team a new look on the future.
  • Zack Greinke deal little risk, all reward for Diamondbacks

    The D-backs rocked the baseball community when they lured Greinke to the desert with a $206.5 million contract. They did again on Wednesday.
  • Concerns over Kyler Murray’s size continue to be overblown

    Kyler Murray continues to have questions asked about his size as he proves his undeniable skill at Arizona Cardinals training camp.
  • New era of Cardinals football begins with Kyler Murray, Kliff Kingsbury

    Training camp is underway for the Arizona Cardinals, marking the start of the 2019 season. It's not only a new season for the team, but a new era.
Dan Bickley bio
Dan Bickley is the most influential sports media member in Arizona sports history, having spent over 20 years as the award-winning lead sports columnist for The Arizona Republic and and almost two decades as a Valley sports radio talk show host. In spring 2018, Bickley made the decision to leave the newspaper to join the Arizona Sports team as host of the entertaining and informative midday show Bickley and Marotta, as well as bring his opinionated and provocative column exclusively to
Bickley’s journalism career began in his hometown of Chicago, where he was part of a star-studded staff at the Chicago Sun-Times. He chronicled Michael Jordan’s six NBA championships; covered the Olympics in eight different countries and attended 14 Super Bowls; spent three weeks in an Indianapolis courthouse writing about Mike Tyson’s rape trial; and once left his laptop in an Edmonton bar after the Blackhawks reached the Stanley Cup Finals.
He has won multiple awards, written two books, formed a rock band, fathered three children, and once turned down an offer to work at the New York Times.  His passions include sports, music, the alphabet, good beer and great radio. After joining Arizona Sports 98.7 FM, he couldn’t be happier