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  • Doug’s NFL Power Poll: Week 8

    Doug says picking the Saints as the top team in the NFL is easy after that comeback last Sunday. The Colts keep beating teams handily and sit right behind the Saints. As for the Cardinals, they are creeping back up as they have a date with the Panthers in Glendale on Sunday. 1. SAINTS: Only […]
  • Doug Franz College Football Playoff – Week 2

    In case you don’t know from the things I’ve said on air. I want a playoff in college football but I don’t have a problem with the BCS formula. I just don’t want it used to narrow the field from 120 to 2. I have yet to hear any “pro current system” argument that I […]
  • Doug’s NFL Power Poll: Week 7

    After six weeks Doug is giving all the teams with a 0 in the L column big props as he ranks them one through four. 1. SAINTS: Whenever you rush for 124y and don’t give up a sack to NYG’s defense while holding their offense to 84y rushing and go 5-0 on the season, you’re […]
  • Doug’s NFL Power Poll: Week 6

    This week Doug has two of the top three teams going against each other as he has to stick with the Manning brothers at the top of his poll – giving the younger Manning top billing. 1. GIANTS: I said in the pre-season they’d go 7-0…toughest test is @NO 2. COLTS: I hate to admit […]
  • Wolf: Monday Night Football thoughts

  • Doug’s NFL Power Poll: Week 5

    The Manning brothers man the top of Doug’s NFL Power Poll followed by a couple of explosive undefeated offensive teams. Doug says the Cardinals game against the Texans is a must win, yes a must win. 1. GIANTS: Number one defense, 5th in offense, Eli’s feeling better, and vOAK next…I told you since Aug they’d […]
  • Wolf: Notes on Favre Bowl I

    THE FOLLOWING ARE NOTES I TOOK THROUGHOUT THE MONDAY NIGHT GAME; EVENTS OCCUR IN REAL TIME; I DID NOT EDIT THEM… MNF: FAVRE BOWL I How loud is the Mall Of America Field (metrodome)? Incredible. This game is so emotionally charged…look at the coaches when players go into the sideline! Aaron Rodgers has a cannon! […]
  • Doug: A letter to Mr. & Mrs. Sullivan

    October 5, 2009 Mr. Sean Sullivan Mrs. Dina Sullivan Some home address Los Gatos, CA Dear Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan: I wanted to take a minute and let you know you’ve done an outstanding job raising your son, Danny. Since I’m the sideline reporter for ASU football and a Phoenix sports-talk show host, I’ve met […]
  • Doug’s NFL Power Poll: Week 4

    Doug’s prediction of the Giants starting off 7-0 continues to hold true. The Lions are out of the basement for the first time in months (literally) and the middle is all jumbled with unexpected 1-2 teams (Steelers and Cardinals) and an unexpected 3-0 team Doug is not giving much credit to (Broncos). 1. GIANTS: I […]
  • Doug’s NFL Power Poll: Week 3

    The top of the poll was shook up this week after losses by the Steelers and Patriots. And Doug has a 2-0 team ranked 20th and behind the 0-2 Titans. 1. GIANTS: I told you since Aug they’d go 7-0…little nervous about week 6 @NO though 2. FALCONS: Opponents averaging over 5y/rush…not worried yet because […]
  • Making a difference – a triple play

    Wanted to share a story with you and give you a little background on something that happened at PCH Thursday. Paul Kongshaug started the charity organization It’s not a 501c. it’s not a charity that’s going to spend funds in promotion. It’s basically just Paul and a friend or two with an idea to […]
  • The Vienna story

    It’s a hiccup. It’s a can of pop. I would assume that these are two things almost everyone sees once a day. I know it’s impossible for you to go a week without witnessing someone annoyed by the hiccups or at least noticing a can of pop somewhere, even if you’re not the one drinking […]
  • Doug’s NFL Power Poll: Week 2

    After the first week of the NFL Doug tweaks his NFL Power Poll but not near the top where the teams he expected to win won. Yes, the Eagles won big on the road and dropped. 1. STEELERS: Could drop in poll without Polamalu but since they’ll win @CHI and @CIN, I’ll wait to see […]
  • Doug’s NFL Power Poll: Week 1

    The NFL season is upon us and Doug is back with his full 32-team Power Poll. Here is where he sees the teams being ranked headed into Week 1. 1. STEELERS: Bad news you have to play TEN, SD, MIN, & GB…good news is they’re all @PIT 2. PATRIOTS: Brady’s back and they were pretty […]
  • Wolf: The preseason is finally over

    The Cards' opening game will reveal a banner that will say there wasn't a better NFC team than them in 2008.
  • Doug: Matt’s not the guy, but he can be

    Let me give you a math problem. OFFENSIVE WEAPONS + COACH WHISENHUNT + MATURITY = NO MORE WORRIES ABOUT WARNER’S HIP. Matt Leinart is ready to lead the 2009 Arizona Cardinals. There, I said it. Of course I’m not starting a QB controversy. Kurt Warner is clearly the better of the two QB’s and the […]
  • Doug: The greatest football season ever

    I realize everyone’s sick of Brett Favre. Tuesday, however, solidified something for me. 2009 will be the greatest football season in the history of the sport. The story lines are better than most of the novels ever written. Just try to make your playoff predictions. The AFC had an 11-5 team miss the playoffs while […]
  • Doug: Taking away the sting

    I do this from time to time. My entire blog is just a link to another story. I hope you don’t look at it as lazy but I was e-mailed a link to this story by Bob, a listener to Doug & Wolf. In honor of tomorrow’s game and last year’s great effort by the […]
  • Wolf: Mother Gridiron’s gift

    I love football but I am not alone. The game has taught me many things about life and left an ineffaceable impression on my person. Mother Gridiron’s white lines have cradled my thoughts, shaped opinions and infiltrated dreams. She has been a wonderful surrogate, nurturing a part of me my real mother was incapable of […]
  • Doug: Consider me a fan of Early Doucet

    “To dive or not to dive?” I’m sure this isn’t a question you ever had to ponder in any of your college Humanities/Philosophy classes but Early Doucet had that very decision to make Monday morning. There’s a lot of double-standards in sports. We love to say, “You practice like you play,” until Larry Fitzgerald got […]

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