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  • Mic’d up Torey Lovullo makes sure to keep it clean in win over Dodgers

    Diamondbacks manager Torey Lovullo outfitted himself with a microphone against Dodgers, and thanks to editing, gave TV viewers a clean insider look into the dugout.
  • Mascots brawl at Nationals Park during presidents’ race

    During Sunday's contest between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Washington Nationals, various mascots ambushed the famous President's race, causing mayhem between innings.
  • Football fans not too happy over Zsa Zsa the parrot

    One of the biggest highlights of the third day of the 2018 NFL Draft was the promise of a parrot making a pick for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It never happened.
  • Former Cardinal Deuce Lutui was hyped to make a pick for Arizona

    You can't teach the energy former Arizona Cardinals offensive guard Deuce Lutui showed Friday night.
  • Stephen A., known for crazy remarks, calls Josh Rosen an ‘idiot’ for remark

    Stephen A. Smith later clarified that he doesn't think new Arizona Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen is an idiot - just idiotic.
  • Schefter: Cleveland Browns take Bacon Mayfield No. 1 overall

    Breaking! The Cleveland Browns have selected Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Bacon Mayfield with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, according to Adam Schefter.
  • Baker Mayfield recreated Brett Favre’s photo of being drafted and it’s epic

    Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield pulled off Brett Favre's photo of being drafted with incredible precision.
  • ASU football players Harry, Darby interview students undercover

    With all the gear that football players wear, it’s easy to understand why these athletes aren’t always easy to recognize off the field.
  • Scout the dog scouts the NFL Draft, answers draft’s biggest questions

    NFL mock drafts are fun and all, but you know what's more fun? A dog telling you what should happen instead.
  • Watch this dude lose his mind (and beer) after getting a D-backs HR ball

    A baseball fan in Philadelphia on Tuesday could not believe his luck to get a home run ball and he celebrated.
  • Rams’ Jared Goff pranks JUCO team into thinking he’s a top QB prospect

    Rams quarterback Jared Goff has been among the best at every level. But there is one stage that Goff has not yet shined on.
  • Why watch the NFL Draft? Chewbacca, a parrot and Winslow, Arizona

    A parrot, Chewbacca and a corner in Winslow, Arizona, will make up the unique coverage of the late round of the 2018 NFL Draft.
  • Jeopardy! contestants air ball the sports during show intros

    Watch as these Jeopardy! contestants show off their athletic skills at the beginning of the College Championship finals.
  • Archie Bradley does not agree with’s power rankings

    D-backs reliever Archie Bradley showed displeasure about's most recent power rankings, which ranked Arizona fifth in baseball.
  • Reggie Miller put on a VR headset for a game he’s already at

    Virtual reality is one of the biggest trends right now in technology. Put on a VR headset and you'll feel like you are really where the system is projecting.
  • The Detroit Tigers are also bringing back the bullpen cart

    The Arizona Diamondbacks bullpen cart is no longer a one-of-a-kind novelty. Starting on Friday, the Detroit Tigers will offer relievers the chance to ride to the mound on their own bullpen cart.
  • Cardinals’ David Johnson runs drills with UFC champion Tyron Woodley

    Donning a No. 1 jersey with the name "Chosen" on the back, T-Wood performed drills in a video tweeted out by the Cardinals on Friday.
  • The Red Sox’s WiFi password is not very secure

    The Boston Red Sox probably should create a more secure WiFi password than "baseball." Fans gave their suggestions for a change.
  • What’s my name again? Rockets’ Jackson ‘anonymous’ in NBA debut

    There was something missing from Aaron Jackson's game jersey when he made his NBA debut Wednesday for the Houston Rockets: his name.
  • Big Sauce’s mind explodes as Nickelback guy sings to him

    Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger belted "How You Remind Me" with Phoenix Suns center Alan Williams in the middle of a Scottsdale bar.