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  • Suns call Gortat trade rumors unfounded

    Marcin Gortat shouldn’t hand in his t-shirts and shorts for parkas and show boots just yet. Despite trade rumors that suggest the Phoenix Suns are looking to deal their center and the No. 13 pick to Minnesota for the No. 2 pick and Nikola Pekovic, the team’s front office sounds like they don’t want to […]
  • Suns not ready to decide on Carter, Brooks contracts

    While the Suns worry about who they will be adding to the roster via Thursday’s draft, questions remain about a couple of players who are currently on the roster. Vince Carter and Aaron Brooks both face an uncertain offseason, with Brooks being a restricted free agent and Carter having a $4 million buyout option on […]
  • One analyst compares Jimmer to Steve Nash

    Most experts have wondered whether Jimmer Fredette is a point guard or a shooting guard in the NBA. His size would suggest the former but his play at BYU would suggest the latter. Don’t tell that to CBS’ Seth Davis though, he’d like you to believe Jimmer can play the point like someone near and […]
  • Trading Robin Lopez this year isn’t a good idea

    It’s no secret that Robin Lopez was a disappointment last season for the Phoenix Suns. That disappointment has lead many people to speculate that the center’s day’s in the desert are numbered. Don’t count Sports 620 KTAR’s Ron Wolfley as one of them. On the Doug and Wolf show Tuesday he made it very clear […]
  • Nash to the Knicks rumors just won’t die

    The Steve Nash to the New York Knicks rumors are like the characters on the AMC show The Walking Dead; they just won’t die. No matter what the Phoenix Suns front office says or how many times Nash himself professes he doesn’t want to leave, the rumors still find a way to re-emerge with some […]
  • Marcin Gortat is like Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant

    You can put Marcin Gortat in the same category as Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant. No, not as one of the greatest players in the game — although he is the greatest Polish basketball player — but rather as a player who has turned to Hakeem Olajuwon for help with his low post moves. Gortat, […]
  • Suns looking to deal Robin Lopez to Warriors?

    Where there’s smoke more often than not there is fire and there’s been an awful lot of smoke coming from the Phoenix Suns’ direction this past week. Plenty of rumors have circulated that the Suns are interested in making a trade to either move up or land another pick in Thursday’s draft. Some have ranged […]
  • Suns would likely pass on Jimmer to take Iman Shumpert

    Suns fans have been pretty vocal about who they don’t want the team to select with the No. 13 pick, but by the time the Houston Rockets are on the clock for No. 14 they may be yearning for the days when they were afraid of hearing “Phoenix Suns select Jimmer Fredette.” “What player are […]
  • Suns likely to buyout Vince Carter

    Not only is the NBA Draft a place for teams to select new players for their franchises, but it is also a time to trade current players and make a variety of other roster moves. According to the Arizona Republic’s Paul Coro, one of the roster moves the Phoenix Suns are likely to make involves […]
  • Biymobo is — maybe — the right choice for the Suns

    Potential Suns draftee Bismack Biyombo could be the solution to the Suns’ rebounding problem, if what he promised holds true. The incoming rookie told Scott Howard-Cooper with that he not only is confident he will lead the NBA in rebounds and blocked shots this season, he’s sure of it. “I don’t care how tough […]
  • Analyst: Fredette to NBA is a tricky question

    The question of how Jimmer Fredette will fare in the NBA is becoming as big of a question of where he’ll be chosen in the draft. The Phoenix Suns have been linked quite often as of late to selecting the former BYU standout player with their thirteenth overall pick as a replacement for the aging […]
  • Suns could move for another first round pick

    The NBA draft is Thursday and the rumors are beginning to fly about teams moving for more picks on draft day.
  • NBA analyst thinks Suns aren’t looking to rebuild

    Are the Phoenix Suns in rebuilding mode or trying to stay in contention? Are they looking to get better on the defensive end or staying committed to the run and gun style? It sounds like all of the above. If it sounds a little spastic, we understand. Just call them the NBA’s Sybil According to […]
  • Suns want UA’s Williams but at what price?

    What do Minnesota and Poland have in common? Other than extremely cold weather, both may be able to claim Marcin Gortat as their own in the near future. As part of his NBA Draft blog on, Chad Ford dropped an interesting nugget of information on Phoenix Suns fans. The team may be interested in […]
  • Jimmer to Suns a good possibility

    Jimmer Fredette may be the most talked about player in this year’s NBA Draft and it looks like the Phoenix Suns are joining the conversation. While the Suns have not revealed exactly what their draft plans are, it is becoming apparent that Fredette may be a part of them. “They’re looking for either a point […]
  • Morris may be thorn in side of Jimmer pick

    As the NBA Draft approaches, fans and radio hosts alike are all discussing who the Phoenix Suns will take with their thirteenth overall pick.
  • No matter what Amar’e says, Suns wouldn’t have won title

    You knew once Amar’e Stoudemire opened his mouth and suggested if the Phoenix Suns had kept him they may have won the title this year instead of Dallas that it was only a matter of time before someone would take issue with the notion. Enter, Dave Burns of Sports 620 KTAR’s Sports Interactive. “Don’t you […]
  • Fredette puts willingness to compete on display

    Jimmer Fredette may be the most talked about player in the NBA Draft right now. Fredette has been praised for his shooting ability, but has been criticized due to a perceived lack of size, toughness and defensive skills. While it remains to be seen if Fredette can pass the ball and play the point guard […]
  • Amar’e thinks Suns could have won title this year

    What if? What if my favorite team made that trade? What if that player didn’t get hurt? What if the referee hadn’t blown that call? Playing “what-if,” although completely useless, may be the favorite game of sports fans everywhere. While Suns fans may not want to revisit and disappointing 2010-11 season, Amar’e Stoudemire left them […]
  • NBA analyst thinks LeBron James needs mental help

    PHOENIX – LeBron James is taking the brunt of the blame for the Miami Heat losing in the NBA Finals to the Dallas Mavericks. Some are suggesting that James’ biggest problem resides between the ears. “LeBron James has proven he’s a guy that is in need of a sports psychologist. He obviously has a problem […]

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