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  • Lon Babby admits Phoenix Suns ‘not good enough’

    The players on the Phoenix Suns roster admitted after last Sunday’s loss to the Dallas Mavericks that their playoff hopes had died. Now team president Lon Babby is admitting it as well. “We’re just not good enough at the end of the day,” Babby told Sports 620 KTAR’s Doug and Wolf. “A lot of nights […]
  • Nash likes Rose for MVP but why not Nash?

    The Phoenix Suns Steve Nash knows a thing, OK make it two, about NBA MVPs. That’s why when he puts his support behind a candidate you have to listen. On Tuesday Nash told the Chicago Tribune that he realizes it’s a rarity that a point guard receives the honor but he’s supporting the Bulls’ Derrick […]
  • Dan Majerle is still a Valley favorite

    Imagine that you were hired for a new job right out of college and when they introduced you to the staff and the company’s customers you were received with a loud, intimidating and large amount of boos. Would you take it in stride and prove them all wrong or let it effect your performance to […]
  • Contestants ‘Dribble till they Drop’

    The competitors started Sunday at 9 a.m. and are still going.
  • Alvin Gentry talks Bible, miracles in reference to Phoenix Suns season

    As an NBA team you know things have gone horribly wrong when your coach is referencing the Bible and miracles with 10 games remaining in the season. That’s just what Phoenix Suns head coach Alvin Gentry did on Monday while talking to the media about his team’s playoff possibilities. “We’re not mathematically eliminated but it […]
  • Hall of Fame broadcaster Gary Bender to leave the Suns

    PHOENIX – Hall of Fame broadcaster Gary Bender announced Monday that this season will be his last as the voice of Phoenix Suns home games on Fox Sports Arizona. Bender, who has spent nearly two decades behind the microphone for Suns, is returning to Kansas University, where he began his broadcasting career calling football and […]
  • Shutting down Nash could benefit the Suns

    Steve Nash admitted that the Phoenix Suns’ season was pretty much over after Sunday night’s loss to the Dallas Mavericks. “It feels like it’s over just because we haven’t played as well or won games,” the point guard soberly said. “It’s disappointing but it’s been disappointing the whole season.” The only question left is should […]
  • Reality of no playoffs setting in for Phoenix Suns

    PHOENIX – With 10 games left in their season the Phoenix Suns are all but letting reality set in. The 91-83 loss to the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday evening put the Suns four games back of the Memphis Grizzlies and the final playoff spot in the Western Conference. The Grizzlies hold the tiebreaker over the […]
  • Suns vs. Mavericks ain’t what it used to be

    While Suns vs. Spurs used to be the most intense rivalry in the Western Conference, it was Suns vs. Mavericks which took the crown as the most entertaining. From the second Steve Nash signed with the Suns in the summer of 2004 what was once games between a pair of friendly teams (they seemingly made […]
  • Suns face tough schedule with little hope

    PHOENIX – The Phoenix Suns will have to be nearly perfect the rest of the season in order to make the playoffs. And even that may not be enough. After Friday’s crushing 106-100 defeat to the New Orleans Hornets, the Suns will need some kind of divine intervention to sneak into the NBA playoffs. “All […]
  • Former Duke Star Grant Hill praises Arizona Wildcats

    Not to steal an old line from Match Game but, the Phoenix Suns’ Grant Hill is so old — cue the audience –, how old is he? Hill is so old he played basketball against Univeisity of Arizona’s head basketball coach Sean Miller back in high school. That was one of the many things that […]
  • Phoenix Suns stick with Vince Carter but why?

    Fans may have given up on Vince Carter due to his on again, off (a lot more) again season in a Phoenix Suns uniform but that doesn’t mean that head coach Alvin Gentry has. “I’m not just going to give up on a guy because he has a bad game or something,” Gentry told the […]
  • Kerr defends D’Antoni, says coach is the victim in New York

    When Mike D’Antoni left the Phoenix Suns after a first-round exit in 2008, the general consensus was that he did not get along with then-Suns GM Steve Kerr. Kerr, it was reported, wanted the head coach to spend more time practicing defense and developing his bench, while D’Antoni, arguably the most successful coach in the […]
  • Pride, wardrobe on the line for Hill and Frye

    It’s no secret that the Phoenix Suns have a rift in their locker room. No, they aren’t fighting over the team’s performance or something that one of them said. The rift has developed between Channing Frye and Grant Hill and it has everything to do with their collegiate ties. That’s because bragging rights and wardrobes […]
  • Frye’s extraordinary development on display

    With eight seconds left in overtime, the Phoenix Suns are losing to the Los Angeles Lakers 118-121. Who takes the shot? Before the second half of this season, the answer likely would not have been Channing Frye. Heck, before February 27, not many fans would have believed Alvin Gentry if the coach had looked them […]
  • Tough loss for Suns, quick turnaround for much-needed win

    For the Phoenix Suns, the triple-OT loss to the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday night meant only one thing. It counted as a loss in the standings. Time is running out for the Suns. By their head coach’s expectations they can only lose three more times and have a shot at the playoffs — and […]
  • Suns watching the L column and the out of town scoreboard

    Time is running out for the Phoenix Suns. They know that. We know that. You know that. Late last week Suns coach Alvin Gentry joined Sports 620 KTAR’s Gambo & Ash and told them he felt they would need to win three out of four games over their last 16 games for a shot at […]
  • NBA Western Conference playoff push 3.0

    In the always competitive NBA Western Conference, the race for the postseason has become one of the toughest in sports. Teams are often separated by only a few games and can find themselves out of the hunt unless they can put together consistent records in the home stretch of the season. Here is a look […]
  • Brooks suspended for throwing ball at official

    PHOENIX – Phoenix Suns point guard Aaron Brooks was suspended for Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers for his actions in a game against the Golden State Warriors on Friday. Brooks threw a ball at an official, hitting him in the leg, in the fourth quarter Suns’ 108-97 win. Brooks, who was acquired from […]
  • Grant Hill stands by comments about Jalen Rose

    Grant Hill wasn’t happy. When Jalen Rose, commenting during an ESPN documentary about Michigan’s Fab Five, said Duke would not recruit a player like him because the school “only recruited black players that were ‘Uncle Toms,'” the former Duke standout and current Sun Hill took offense. Writing an op-ed piece for the New York Times, […]

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