Longest ping pong rally ever is really, really long

Feb 24, 2017, 10:57 AM

Ping pong is a fun game that can be played by people of all different skill levels at many kinds of locations.

Backyard? Sure. On a cruise ship? Of course. At the bar? If you’re lucky.

Of course, while most of us play ping pong for fun, there some who do it for sport. Those people are good — really good.

Two of them, Li Jie and Hitomi Sato, are apparently both quite talented, but at the same time also risk-averse.

As shown in a video from the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation, for those of you who don’t know) during the World Tour Platinum Qatar Open, the two produced the longest rally ever when they were each content to keep passing the ball back and forth.

A total of 766 shots were taken and the rally lasted 10 minutes and 13 seconds. In fact, it was only stopped when a rogue (hero?) ping pong ball fell onto the floor and interrupted it.

In case you don’t have 10 minutes to watch the entire video, here is a version that is a bit sped up.

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Longest ping pong rally ever is really, really long